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M.D. Plastic Surgery
Specializes in Facial Surgery
+10000 Facial Surgery Performed

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Personal Statement

Doctor Hyungsuk Kim is a veteran plastic surgeon specializing in the eye, nose, and fat repositioning with over 10,000 cases of surgery on the face under his belt. His previous tenure at the Samsung Medical Center and Marble Plastic Surgery Clinic with over 10 years of clinical experience endowed him with extensive knowledge in double eyelid and nose surgery. Dr. Kim is passionate about delivering the most natural transformation for his patients, and believes that attending to the smallest details is key to bringing out individual beauty. Thus the name, 1mm Plastic Surgery Clinic, which he established with this philosophy and has now become a local favorite here in Seoul.


Board-certified Plastic Surgeon
M.D. specialization in Plastic Surgery

Previous Work

Samsung Medical Center
Marble Plastic Surgery
Choonhae Hospital
Member of the Korea Society of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons’ Association
Member of American Society of Plastic surgeon(ASPS)
Trained at Dusseldorf, Sara Krankenhaus Gerresheim Plastische&Asthetische Chirurgie

Q&A by Doctor

These are Jivaka Care translated copies of content on Korean web Q&A. The original text can be found at the link in the text.

Q. After double eyelid surgery, questions about applying ice pack.
They asked me to apply ice pack for 3-4 days. If the bruise is still visible after 5 days, should I continue? Or you should i just stop applying ice pack and let it go on its own?

Posting Date 2019.01.01.

A. Hello, I’m Dr. Hyungsuk Kim, a plastic surgeon registered at the Korea Medical Association. Depending on the type of double eyelid surgery and individual condition, ice packs are usually applied for three to five days, and after one week of surgery, hot packs are more helpful to reduce bruising or swelling. Warm packs or a light walk will help to improve swelling and get rid of bruise marks. I hope you will recover quickly. Thank you.


Q. How many days do I have to refrain from studying after double eyelid surgery?

Now, I’m a high school student in my senior year. I did double eyelid surgery yesterday (FYI, I’m on vacation now due to some issue at my school) I am going to remove stitches tomorrow, and I am curious when is it possible to resume studying? I have to look down in order to study properly, but I’m afraid that it will change the shape of my new eyelid crease…

Posting Date 2018.12.23.

A. Hello, I’m Dr. Hyungsuk Kim, a plastic surgeon registered at the Korea Medical Association. You may feel uncomfortable because of post-operative discomfort or swelling, but reading or looking down does not change the shape of your eyelid crease. You can resume studying if you are in good conditions. However, keep looking downward does not help improving postoperative edema. I hope you will recover well. Thank you.


Q. Sore throat – Double Eyelid Surgery

I am scheduled to do double eyelid surgery on the 29th. I’m going to the clinic tomorrow, but I’ve been coughing and my throat is swollen. I think I have a sore throat. Even if I get treated and take a rest after taking medicine, do I have to skip the surgery if I cannot fully recover until the 29th? Please answer me quickly!

Posting Date 2018.12.23.

A. Hello, I’m Dr. Hyungsuk Kim, a plastic surgeon registered at the Korea Medical Association.

Even if you have sore throat, unless you have a fever or feel severely ill, you can go through a simple operation. I recommend you consult with your surgeon whether you can proceed with the specific procedure that you will be going through. Good luck with the recovery and hope your potential surgery will be satisfactory. Thank you.


Q. Makeup after double eyelid surgery

I went through full-incisional method and ptosis correction on November 28th. Can I wear eye makeup during Christmas?

Posting Date 2018.12.23.

A. Hello, I’m Dr. Hyungsuk Kim, a plastic surgeon registered at the Korea Medical Association.

Normally, the surgery area is stabilized in about four weeks, so makeup can be done unless there is an unusual condition. However, I recommend you to take extra precaution when removing makeup. Make sure adhesive products do not touch the wound area directly. I hope my answer was helpful. Thank you. 


Q.Non-incisional Ptosis Correction 

I did non-incisional ptosis correction last April and created double eyelid crease as well. Everyone tells me the new look of my eyes doesn’t suit me. Is it possible to turn it back to mono-lid and receive another procedure that can improve my eye shape? Even after ptosis correction, my eyelid muscles feel weak. 

Posting Date. 2018.12.02.

A. Hello, I’m Dr. Hyungsuk Kim, a plastic surgeon registered at the Korea Medical Association.

If you had a non-incisional ptosis correction last April, it may be necessary to remove the double eyelid by an incisional method. Non-incisional ptosis correction is a procedure that helps to open your eyes easier. However, to clearly improve sleepy eyes symptom, you may need an incisional ptosis correction as well. For epicanthoplasty, very different result could happen just by 1mm difference. I advise that you should go through a diagnosis of board-certified plastic surgeon. Please understand that the message may not be accurate because it was not individually diagnosed. I hope my answer is helpful. Thank you.


Q. Undereye Fat Repositioning

I don’t have that much fat, neither have bumps under eye. However, i have hollow tear trough area. Would fat repositioning be effective for me?

Posting Date 2018.12.01

A. Hello, I’m Dr. Hyungsuk Kim, a plastic surgeon registered at the Korea Medical Association.

Under-eye fat repositioning procedure is not only intended to improve the protrusion of the under-eye area. It is also effective in improving hollowness of tear trough and middle eye area. However, the amount of fat being relocated must be sufficient show impact. It is recommended that you determine the procedure after the diagnosis. I hope you have good results. Thank you.


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