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Laser Eye Surgery

Having perfect vision is something that should be attainable by everyone. In the past, this has been possible either through genetics, wearing glasses or contacts, or laser eye surgery. Keeping up with and caring for glasses can be a pain. Using contacts and everything that comes along with that can also be burdensome. Accordingly, in recent years more and more people have chosen to have laser eye surgery to correct their vision.


Getting laser eye surgery is an expensive procedure, depending on where it is performed. In Korea however, the cost is much less when compared to countries like the US or England. On top of this, the doctors are as proficient if not more so than doctors from those countries. This is especially true in the case of SMILE LASIK. SMILE stands for small incision lenticule extraction and is a far less invasive surgery than laser eye surgeries of the past. There is no flap involved. Instead, only a very small incision is involved. Recovery time is faster, and the chance of complications is also lower.

Many foreigners are interested in SMILE surgery but are intimidated by the language barrier or other obstacles present. Here are the top three foreigner friendly clinics in Seoul offering SMILE.

Eyereum Ophthalmic Clinic

Eyereum Ophthalmic Clinic emphasizes its expertise and consistent efforts to keep up to date with the latest technology. It participates in many international colloquiums and continues to actively conduct research in ophthalmology. The clinic is located beside Gangnam Station on the subway line two. In fact, the clinic is directly connected to the station. You can visit the clinic without ever going outside simply by taking the elevator located at exit 2.

The facility is inviting with a nice café type environment. There is even a café inside the clinic. They offer more extensive testing than other clinics. This is in order to better ensure you are going to get the procedure best suited for your eyes. Communication is not a problem as many of the doctors, nurses, optometrists, and other staffs are fluent in English. This includes Dr. Kang who is a world-renowned expert in his field. Prices are also competitive with comparable clinics. The price for getting the SMILE procedure is around 2,295 dollars.

Bonus: Their website (http://eyereum.com/en) is available in English. Therefore, non-Korean speakers can easily do in-depth research on the clinic’s services and doctors.

Learn about a patient’s personal experience at Eyereum Ophthalmic Clinic here.


Are you looking for a clinic with immense SMILE experience? As of 2018, the NUNEMISO Eye Center has performed over 25,000 SMILE procedures. The clinic is located near Gangnam Station on the Shinbundang line instead of line 2. It is only a short walk after leaving exit 4.

The clinic is very efficient with minimal waiting times. The doctors are also very patient and friendly and take their time to explain in detail all about the procedures and answer all questions. The main issue is that most of the services are only provided in Korean. This includes the fluency of the doctors. All of the forms as well are in Korean. Therefore, for those not comfortable with the Korean language, a translator may be necessary. Procedure prices are competitive. The price for getting the SMILE procedure is around 2,144 dollars.

Bonus: Dr. Koo at the NUNEMISO Eye Center has performed more than 25,000 SMILE procedures. He was also selected as the only ReLEx SMILE surgery reference doctor in Korea.

Learn about a patient’s personal experience at NUNEMISO Eye Center here.

SNU Seoul Eye Clinic

All of the doctors at SNU Seoul Eye Clinic have either studied or been trained at Seoul National University (SNU). SNU is the most prestigious university in Korea. One of the doctors, Dr. Chung, was even a research professor at Harvard Medical School. The clinic is located near Sinsa Station on line 3 outside of exit 6.

The clinic is located in a pretty new building that is clean and has a very modern feel to it. Most of the staff only use Korean when communicating with basic level English commands. The documents are also all in Korean, so translation might be needed. That being said, some employees, like Dr. Chung, speak very good English and have no problem with communicating effectively. The prices are very reasonable, especially when comparing to those of other countries offering similar quality services. The price for getting the SMILE procedure is around 2,406 dollars.

Bonus: A 10% discount is applied to your bill when you are referred.

Would you like to know something else about the clinics above, or about SMILE LASIK in Korea? Jivaka Care can help. Message us on Kakaotalk and our website, or contact us via our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages.

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