3 Top Clinics for Dental Veneers in Gangnam

Have you always wanted a perfect movie star smile? Maybe you weren’t blessed with the best dental genetics. Or maybe years of coffee and red wine have taken their toll. For whatever reason, you desire sparkling white and straight teeth. Dental Veneers could be a good option. And if you are reading this article, they might be something you are considering.

Generally, dental veneers are made from one of two main materials. They are either composite (called resin in Korea) or porcelain.  Regardless of the material, the veneer is just a thin layer applied to the front of the tooth. This greatly improves the aesthetics of the tooth. The dentist first removes a very thin amount of enamel from the tooth’s surface. This could be anywhere from 0.2 to 0.7mm. Next, they make a silicon impression so that a lab can make a wax model and then the veneers. Once the veneers meet the patient’s satisfaction, they are applied. These days there is less need to create an impression and wax model as many clinics are using CAD/CAM imaging technologies.

So, which type is best for you?

Composite veneers are in general cheaper than porcelain veneers. They are also reversible, as they are sculpted straight on the teeth. On the other hand, getting porcelain veneers involves reshaping of the teeth. They are more expensive, but at the same time they are more durable.

Veneers in Korea have been increasing in popularity. Because of the quality of service and the affordability, more and more foreigners are choosing Korea as well. In Korea, the whole procedure can even be done in one day! This is because everything is done in house. For more information on same day veneers in Korea check out this this article here.

Below are 3 top clinics for getting dental veneers in Gangnam:

Today Dental

Today Dental - Dr. Lee Jun Seok
Dr. Lee Jun Seok, Head Dentist at Today Dental. Image Source

Today Dental has the latest technology when it comes to veneers. From the CAD-CAM 3D scanning to their premium MINISH Veneers, they are on the forefront. MINISH are Today Dental’s own premium veneers they offer. There are actually two clinic locations. One is in Gangnam and the other is near Dongdaemun. The clinic in Gangnam is located roughly the same distance from Gangnam-gu Office Station and Hak-dong Station on line 7. They problem is that it is not very close to either of the stations. You will have to walk about 15 minutes or take some other form of public transportation to get there. They are on the third floor of the Baekyoung (백영빌딩) Building. The facilities are very spacious and have an almost futuristic feel to them.

They website caters to Koreans (of course) and Chinese patients with a Chinese language option. There is a plethora of information to include videos about their veneer process. Even though they have yet to provide an English website, the facilities are quite foreigner friendly. Not only are many on the staff fluent level in English, but everything is also labeled in English. With a staff of over 50 people between the two locations, there is always someone to help. Because of quality of equipment and premium services they offer, Today Dental can be slightly more expensive than other clinics. Getting veneers here can set you back somewhere from 800 dollars a tooth to 1,100 dollars a tooth for MINISH. Prices are dependent on the type of veneer you get.

New York White Dental Clinic

New York White Dental - Dental Veneers

Image source

New York White Dental Clinic boasts that they use the New York University system at their clinic. This consists of the Evidence Based System as well as state-of-the-art technology. They are located just a short walk outside of exit 5 at Seolleung Station on subway line 2.  Don’t worry about having to climb many stairs as they are located on the second floor. The facilities are very inviting. From the comfortable couches in the waiting room to some of the walls that are decorated to look like the New York City skyline.

The dentists at New York White Dental Clinic were all educated at prestigious dental schools. This is to include New York University College of Dentistry as well as Seoul National University School of Dentistry. Communication with the staff is not very difficult as many including Dr. Kim have excellent English fluency. They are very accommodating, even allowing one patient to bring her dog with her for support because she was scared. One of the only drawbacks would be that their website would be very difficult to navigate for non-Korean speakers. Compared to other clinics, they are very affordable. The average cost for getting veneers is around 850 dollars a tooth. Prices are dependent on the type of veneer you get.

Blooming Dental Clinic

Blooming Dental
Image source

Blooming Dental Clinic has been around since 2000, offering a great experience to their patients. The clinic is located a short 5-minute walk from exit 9 of Cheongdam Station on subway line 7. They are located on the fifth floor of the Rodeo Plaza Building. The facilities have a very warm home-like feeling. They are clean, bright, and different from other clinics that have white as their primary dominating color.

Doctor Yang, the director, has clinical experience at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York. He has been interviewed numerous times in Korean media because of his renowned expertise. Visitors to the clinic rarely have to wait and the staff are known for their kindness and being accommodating. Many of the patients appreciate the efficiency. Unfortunately, their website is only in Korean. English is not a strength, but communication is not a problem as some employees are proficient. Prices are also reasonable. Veneers here will carry a price tag of about 900 dollars a tooth on average. Prices are dependent on the type of veneer you get.


Some clinics offer prices that are significantly cheaper than the prices listed above. The quality however cannot be guaranteed. The quality of the three clinics listed above can be guaranteed. Additionally, the prices of clinics (including the three above) can vary. The variance can depend of the time of year, discount, or promotion that the clinic is currently running. Sometimes there can also be negotiation on the price. The prices above are the prices without any discounts, promotions, or negotiation.

If you need any guidance with getting dental veneers or any healthcare related advice in Korea, message Jivaka Care on Kakaotalk and our website, or contact us via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages!

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