Empowering You to Make Better Decisions for Medical Procedures in Korea

Jivaka Care aims to make your medical experience in Korea safer and more accessible.

As international patients, your medical journey to Korea can be a struggle. It comes down to making decisions for the “right procedure” and the “right doctor”. However it’s difficult to make “safe and informed decisions” from limited and unreliable information. We strive to make this process much simpler for you by giving you the right resources and provide you with “accessible” solutions to empower decision-making for the best medical procedure for you possible.

Jihong Lee​


Grew up in a family of doctors – 7 out of 12 cousins became doctors. Destined to be in this industry. Alumnus of Supercell and Google. In charge of patient care plus many other responsibilities at Jivaka Care.

Jinho Heo

M.D. Medical Director

Korean M.D. with specialization in Laboratory Medicine. At Jivaka Care, responsible for making sure our team gives the right advice to patients that will eventually lead them to the right doctors.

Leo Woo

Marketing Manager

Korean expat returned to Korea to help fellow foreigners receive great medical care in Korea. Experienced in new media and influencer marketing and determined to tell compelling stories through content.

Saemi Lee

Medical Content Editor

A pharmacist by profession but cartoonist by heart. Her medical expertise but passion for drawing and storytelling is an invaluable asset to Jivaka Care. She looks over all medical research as her main job but draws fun medical cartoon in her spare time.

Dr. Yujin Myung

Medical Advisor

M.D. in Plastic Surgery, veteran plastic surgeon with experience in one of the top plastic surgery clinics in Korea. Currently an adjunct professor in the plastic surgery department at Ajou University Hospital. Specializes in traumatic, reconstructive and skin cancer surgery.

Dr. Hyungsuk Kim

Medical Advisor

M.D. in Plastic Surgery, over 10 years of clinical experience and 10,000 operations under his belt. Founder and current head surgeon of 1mm Plastic Surgery Clinic, a local favorite located in Gangnam. Specializes in facial plastic surgery.

Jivaka Care is offering video consultation with top Korean doctors