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Acne can be one of those things that impact a person mentally through physical imperfection. We can say that acne is always an uninvited guest and red or inflamed pimples often get irritated when you touch it. Acne scars can form due to damage of these tissues. Different shapes of acne scars can be formed depending on the size of information and extent of the damage. It is not a surprise that acne scars can cause serious mental stresses regardless of their severity. These scars are caused by complete destruction of the skin tissue and will not heal over time unless treated. If you do not treat acne scars with a surgical procedure, then your uneven and rough skin can remain as a lifelong concern. Receiving acne scar treatment in Korea is a possible way to effectively treat your acne scars.

In this blog, we will go over acne scar treatment in Korea and its benefits and procedures.

The reason why acne scar treatment in Korea price is low

There are many people who visit dermatology clinics for treatment of acne scars in Korea. Dermatologists in Korea have actively introduced therapeutic devices to treat surging patients. Due to the increase in competition, price has been lowered and more competition between each surgeons makes the cheaper than in other countries.

Fraxel laser is an FDA approved fractional laser technology to help restore your skin to its original perfect texture. It is one of the more generally used laser treatments for acne scar treatment in Korea. The cost for a single treatment for Fraxel laser acne scar starts at around $200 USD in Korea, where as the United States, it can start at around $800 USD and onward.

Important factors for successful acne scar treatment in Korea


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There are many different types of acne scars and they are divided into different types depending on the shape. Treatment methods can vary depending on the type and pattern of scar, and appropriate methods are chosen accordingly. Treatment may vary accordingly if acne is in progress in addition to the existing scarring area. Therefore, it is important to first accurately diagnose a type of acne scar and skin conditions to determine the treatment method accordingly.

Types of acne scars


Acne can leave acne marks or acne scars. Acne scar refers to red or black spots where acne has passed which can often improve overtime. Acne scars appear as a indented skin texture and has a permanent skin damage that cannot be recovered naturally, but it can be recovered if treated.

Red acne marks

When pimples pop up and disappear they could leave red marks. Typically, acne that were inflammatory can make red marks. If you do not have have deep scarring, first check if you do not gain more acne (treat it first if you do gain more acne) and start treating the red marks.

Dark acne marks

Dark acne marks are a brown or black pigment that forms without any red marks. This is caused by acne that is inflammatory or has hypersensitive pigment reaction, or had heavy exposure to UV light.

Whitening treatment and pigment treatment is carried out to treat dark acne marks.

Shallow acne scars

Shallow acne scars are shallow dents that remain in the area of acne.

If you happen to have a habit of squeezing acne with your hands, it is relatively easy to develop these shallow scars. This treatment is performed by filling sunken area with proud flesh.

Deep acne scars

Deep acne scars are deep and narrow depressions in the area of acne. When people squeeze severe inflammatory acne with hand when they suffer from it, they are more likely to develop deep acne scars. Ice pick scars are typical type of deep acne scars.

Treatment is not very easy as it requires a very long time and a combination of treatments for success.

Hypertrophic scars

Hypertrophic scars are a thickened and raised scars that has occurred in the area where acne had developed. It is very common to have severe acne in the middle of the chest and shoulders. Collagen and the dermis becomes excessively concentrated as the wound is healing, resulting in hypertrophic scars. A treatment that softens overly clumped tissues is first performed.

Acne scar treatment cost in Korea according to the type of treatment

Dot peeling


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Dot peeling is a chemical peeling that stimulates skin regeneration. High concentration of TCA (trichloroacetic acid) is used for dot peeling. Initially, TCA is injected into each individual acne scar in order to promote collagen synthesis and fill in the scars. This procedure may also reduce the size of the pores. Treatment can be performed several times at regular intervals depending or the degree of scarring.

Typical treatment in Korea can start at around $125 USD and above.

Fractional laser


Fractional laser treatment is a treatment that cuts the surface of the skin without damaging it, so the area that has been cut can naturally be filled by itself. This procedure sends fine laser light penetrating the outer layer of skin to the dermis to create number of enormous microscopic holes to induce skin regeneration. Through this laser-induced wound healing process, collagen production is promoted, which has the effect of scar treatment, pore minimization, increase in skin elasticity, and removal of fine wrinkles.

The cost for this treatment start at around $200 USD in Korea

Filler injection


Filler injection treatment fills up the dented part of the skin through injection filler. Typically, hyaluronic acid and collagen is used as the ingredient. This treatment is useful if deep acne scars are not filled up enough with proud flesh, or if patient needs in-time treatment.

Since the filler ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is slowly absorbed into the skin,  a re-treatment is needed 6 months to 1 year later to maintain its effectiveness.

The cost for this treatment is calculated by the amount of volume used for the ingredient. The cost for Restylene vital 1 cc starts at around $320 US dollars in Korea.

Punch excision for acne scar treatment


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This treatment removes slightly larger-than-average scar size with a device called a punch after a local anesthesia. The lower part of the scar is speared with a medical punch and the height of the scar is adjusted to match the normal skin around the area. After pulling up the existing scar, a new scar created by punch excision can be fixed with a suture or a special skin adhesive. This treatment is mainly applied to patients with several large and deep scars.

The cost for this treatment is around $40 USD to $85 USD per each scar.

Acne scar treatment in Korea before & after


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Here is a video story of our patient Janson, who successfully treated his acne scars with our help.

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