Breast reduction surgery in Korea – Why is it a good idea?


While many women are happy with their breast size, some woman can suffer from confidence issues from having smaller breasts. There are many ways to solve issues of small breasts from shaping underwear to breast augmentation. On the other hand, having oversized breasts it is not always a blessing because of the mental and physical pain it can cause. Many people who do not have oversized breasts cannot easily relate or catch on to this pain. Wearing shaping underwear and undergoing breast reduction surgery for oversized breast is not a common occurrence. Breast gigantism can have serious effects because it can affect your physical health as well as having mental stress associated with it. Common physical pain caused by oversized breasts are having pain in the shoulders, neck, and the back. Not only this, but skin diseases such as sweatbands can develop under the breasts. Receiving breast reduction surgery in Korea can be a great choice to resolve problems associated with oversized breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is an operation that helps by removing tissues and skin that make up the volume of the breasts. This operation can also correct sagging breasts that accompany oversized breasts.

The reason why breast reduction surgery in Korea price is so low

Statistically speaking, there a fewer woman in Korea and Asia in general who considers breast reduction surgery than in the West. However, a growing number of women have recently been suffering from obesity-related breast hypertrophy which results from westernized diet. Roughly around 5% of Korean women have problems with oversized breasts. It is difficult to reduce the size of oversized breasts just by simply losing weight alone, so breast reduction surgery is a sure way to treat your problems.

Generally speaking, breast reduction surgery is relatively more difficult than other plastic surgeries and therefore has a higher price range. Despite this, the cost of breast reduction surgery in Korea is lower than in other countries. The typical cost for traditional breast reduction surgery in Korea, excluding breast liposuction, starts at around $6000 USD where is in United States they can start anywhere from $10000 USD.

Important factors for successful breast reduction surgery in Korea

Breast reduction surgery is categorized into four different methods depending on the method of incision chosen. The pros and cons offered by each different methods are clear. It is highly important to choose the surgical method for each patient considering the weight volume and skin elasticity of the patients breasts. The timing of the operation is also important because if the patient is operated when the growth is not yet finished, it can grow back.

Therefore tests should be conducted thoroughly to ensure that patient growth is completely over.

Breast reduction surgery in Korea according to the type of treatment

The type of methods used for breast reduction surgery depends on the stage of breast hypertrophy. Medically speaking, 200 cc to 300 cc is the ideal volume for breast. 400 cc to 600 cc is classified as mild breast hypertrophy, 600 cc to 1000 cc is classified as a moderate breast hypertrophy, and anything over 1500 cc is considered as a severe breast hypertrophy.

Donut incision


Donut incision is medically referred as peri-areolar incision. Initially, cuts are made around edge of areola and mild breast hypertrophy can be reduced by this peri-areolar incision.

Postoperative scar is almost invisible because the incision is made along the shape of the areola. The operation for this is simple and there is less bleeding. But it is difficult to reduce large amount of breast volume through this method, so this method is suitable for people for wanting small reductions.

The cost for this procedure starts at around $6000 USD in Korea

Lollipop incision


Lollipop incision, otherwise called vertical incision is used for cases of moderate breast hypertrophy. A vertical incision method is made below the doughnut incision to make a lollipop shape. So for the surgery, there are two incision sites; around the edge of areola and another vertical insertion from the bottom of the areola to the infra-mammary fold.

After surgery, young woman with high elasticity skin has the highest level of satisfaction and/or when they have relatively large breasts. The breast line is beautifully corrected through this method, and as a result, only one vertical scar is left after the surgery.

The cost for this treatment starts at around $6800 USD in Korea

Anchor incision


Anchor incision, otherwise referred as inverted T incision, is the most traditional surgical method and it is most commonly used throughout the world. This method is used in cases where patient has severe breast hypertrophy. There are three incision sites for inverted-T incision method; Around the edge of the areola, vertically from the areola to the breast crease, and along the crease underneath the breast.

Because of the large incision method, the side effects are that there can be a large scar after surgery, but the correction effect is high because it can reduce large amounts of breast volume.

The cost for this method starts at around $8000 USD in Korea

Breast liposuction


Breast liposuction is also a good alternative in reducing breast size. If the main cause of oversized breast is fat, then the patient can expect satisfactory size reduction from breast liposuction. If both breasts are asymmetric it is also possible to balance them simultaneously during the procedure. The size of incision site is much smaller than that of breast reduction, so it minimizes scarring after operation.

Because this is a simple procedure, the correction effect is lower than the other surgical methods mentioned above.

This treatment cost starts at around $3500 USD in Korea.

Anesthesia procedure for breast reduction surgery

General anesthesia the method used while performing breast reduction surgery.

In some cases, local anesthetics and sedatives may be used. The surgery process usually takes three to five hours and the patient is expected to stay hospitalized for about a day.

Recovery after breast reduction surgery

It is recommended for the patient to take around 2 weeks rest after the operation. This means not going to work for about two weeks and lifting or physical exercise is prohibited for six weeks.

Initially, you’re expected to tightly bandage around the breast area and wear a bra to support your breasts.

Sutures are generally removed between 7 and 14 days. It is important to keep the incision site from being exposed to sun for about a year.

Breast reduction surgery before and after


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