I’m from the United States. Specifically, from Dallas, Texas. Recently, I had PRK Laser Eye Surgery with Cross-link and Wavefront performed at the Eyereum Eye Clinic in Gangnam. I’m a contract specialist working at the U.S. Army base in Pyeongtaek, which is about an hour outside of Seoul. Originally, I came to Korea because of my husband who is an active duty soldier in the Army. As far as why I decided to have the procedure done in Korea, there were numerous reasons.

Why not in the US?

I had wanted to have corrective eye surgery for a while. I’ve worn glasses for more than 30 years. There was even a time when I had a consultation in the US. During that consultation I felt a little uncomfortable with the process. I felt like the doctors were just pushing me through and very impersonal. The feeling was almost like an assembly line. Just like another cog in the wheel. Also, the procedure would cost me around 4,800 dollars as it is not covered by insurance. This would have been the price even before prescriptions and other additional fees. Compared to what I paid in Korea, the price was more than two times more expensive. In Korea, I ended up paying only about 2,200 dollars!


My situation was a bit complicated as I had thin corneas, myopia, and an astigmatism. I was also unfamiliar with the Korean healthcare system and the language. For these reasons, I think I was understandably a little anxious about getting the procedure done. All of these worries were greatly alleviated by going through Jivaka Care and through interacting with the staff at the clinic.

Before deciding to get my corrective eye surgery, I had a lot of questions. Some were general, and some were more specific. The staff at Jivaka Care were very good about answering those questions in a timely and easily understandable fashion. Not speaking Korean, Jivaka Care really helped with my experience. They met me out front of the clinic and helped with translating throughout the whole process. They helped both with the pre-procedure appointments, the procedure, and follow-up appointments. They also called me a couple of times after the procedure and checked up on me. I really appreciated the personal touch.  They really helped me to pick a doctor that was perfect for me. Throughout my dealings with Jivaka Care, I found nothing to be lacking. It was as close to perfect as perfect could be.

The Procedure

The clinic I went to in Korea was great. All of the examinations before the procedure were very detailed. Much more so than what I experienced in the US. Dr. Kang, the doctor that performed my procedure was amazing. He seemed very competent personable. Also, his English was perfect. It sounded like he was from California. The procedure only took about 10 minutes and was painless. Dr. Kang talked to me the whole time. One of the employees walked me through everything and even took me down to the pharmacy to help me get my prescriptions.

Life after Laser Eye Surgery

My vision has improved so much! Ever since I haven’t needed glasses things have changed. I don’t have to look for and find them in morning. I also think about all the money I will save. Usually I buy two to three pairs a year and I don’t have to anymore. I haven’t thrown my glasses away yet because wearing glasses is cute and I think I will change the lenses. Recently, my friends have been asking me about my laser eye surgery experience in Korea. I tell them, much to the surprise of my husband, that it is the best decision I have ever made. I guess he thought marrying him was the best decision haha. I would definitely recommend Jivaka Care to all of friends and family and anyone considering Korea for medical procedures.

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