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We can all agree dimples are adorable or at least desirable to some extent. Some people can look quite attractive even if they are not good looking and smiling can have these effect on other people. Having dimples can intensify a person’s smile due to the impression that it gives off. Dimple can give a person a softer or cuter image, or even a mature image, depending on the location of the dimple. Dimples can be artificially created through surgery, and receiving dimpleplasty in Korea is a simple process.

In this blog, we will explain about dimpleplasty in Korea and how the whole procedure works.

Meaning of dimpleplasty


When some people smile, their muscles pull the cheek skin and it can it can look indented. Dimple is actually a phenomenon that is caused by abnormal adhesion of the muscles. Dimpleplasty is a surgery process that uses a suture to create an artificial adhesion between the cheek muscles and skin to create a dimple.

Why is price for Dimpleplasty is so low in Korea?

Celebrities that have dimples can draw out the desire in wanting to have dimples. Majority of people that want dimples have seen it in other people that they find attractive and suddenly their interest in dimples can increase. Dimpleplasty in Korea is a short process only lasting around 10 to 20 minutes and the interest in dimpleplasty is increased due to this short surgery time. Postoperative recovery time is extremely low and there are few bruises and swelling so it allows patient to return to their daily life relatively fast.

Like every other plastic surgery, price for dimpleplasty in Korea is lower than other countries. 

Important factors for successful dimpleplasty in Korea

Having correct positioning of your dimple is extremely important for a successful dimpleplasty. The textbook ideal position of the dimple is where the horizontal extension at the tip of the lips meets the line from the outer corner of the eye. But the ideal location of the dimples may change slightly according to personal preference because each individual’s facial features and expression is different. If your cheeks are thin or if you have protruding cheekbones, your cheeks may look thinner or your cheekbones may look more intensified after dimpleplasty.

Consulting with an experienced doctor is crucial in determining if dimples can fit your with your face before dimpleplasty. While receiving dimpleplasty in Korea is a relatively simple procedure, it requires the surgeon to have an understanding of delicate nature of dimpleplasty and accurate understanding of anatomy. Therefore, it is important that a surgeon with high understanding of dimpleplasty procedure and experience to perform the surgery.

If you are thinking about receiving dimpleplasty treatment and want to talk to a specialist, you can request for a free 1:1 remote consultation appointment with a qualified doctor.

Dimple types


Not all dimples are created equal. There are many different dimple types that can give of different impression for a person. These dimple types are long dimples, Indian dimples, mouth corner dimples, and central cheek dimples. Long dimples can give a mature and sexual image to a person whereas an Indian dimple can give off impression of innocence and of a ‘naughty boy’ image. Mouth corner dimples can give a cute image and central cheek dimples can give you a softer, younger looking image.

Dimpleplasty treatment process and cost


Firstly, it is important to consult with the doctor to determine the ideal location and width of the dimple appropriate for your face. For the dimpleplasty procedure, you will be anesthetized locally in the treatment area and a small incision of 2-3mm will be made intraorally then a needle and a suture is used to fix the skin and muscles of the cheek. In some cases, muscles can be bound to the cheek without any incisions.

Prices vary depending on the operating doctor, but the exact price will be informed after the consultation.

Anesthesia procedure for Dimpleplasty in Korea

Local anesthetic is carried out for the dimpleplasty in Korea and the whole procedure takes around 10 to 20 minutes from start to finish.

Recovery after dimpleplasty in Korea

There will be little bruising and swelling around the surgery area after dimpleplasty. Since the surgery time is so short, it is possible to get your whole procedure done during your use of your lunch time. The sutures are pulled tightly when finishing the surgery and this allows you to make dimples even without laughing few months after surgery. Patients are expected to eat and drink soft foods after surgery to reduce irritation in the surgical area. If intraoral incision is performed for your case, gargling with mouthwash is recommended for a prevention against inflammation of the incision area. Also, patients are expected to avoid alcohol and smoking for two to three weeks after the surgery.

Dimpleplasty in Korea before and after


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