Fat Grafting In Korea : Complete Guide

Aging comes with wrinkling and decreased facial volume. In an attempt to rejuvenate your looks, fat grafting, also known as autologous fat transfer or fat transplant becomes necessary. Fat grafting in Korea has, therefore, become a popular procedure for people to look youthful as well as for those looking to correct certain parts of their bodies that have become relatively flat.

This post outlines what you need to know about fat graft procedure, cost of fat grafting and how you can get fat grafting in Korea at the best plastic surgery clinics as well as the best doctors’ consultation.

What is Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is a cosmetic procedure in which fat is extracted from certain parts of the body and transplanted into a region that is sunken or dented. It is usually used to fill shapes in the body and face.

This non-invasive procedure is very safe and uses one’s own excess fat (autologous fat grafting) collected from the thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. Therefore, the fat transfer technique can be applied to the face, breast, and hip to improve the volume, shape and skin texture.

Who Are The Ideal Candidates For Fat Grafting

1. People with deep wrinkles
2. People with flat or sunken foreheads
3. People who want to rejuvenate their face and skin
4. People with sunken cheeks
5. People who want alternative breast augmentation aside implants
6. People with sunken eyelids
7. People with a flat face and wants to improve smile lines

Fat Grafting in Korea Pros & Cons

fat grafting areas

1. Fat tissues that are readily available in their own bodies have less foreign body reaction, unlike implants and fillers.
2. The swelling will fall off in 5 to 7 days and makeup will be available.
3. An efficient way to get rid of excess fat in your body areas while having the right volumetric effect of fat transfer in dented areas.
4. Scarring is non-existent and can be performed concurrently on multiple sites. Patients can quickly return to daily life.
5. Contrarily, unbridled fat grafting can cause side effects such as lumps, calcification, and inflammation.
6. Another disadvantage is that permanent effect is not guaranteed since the grafted fat is often absorbed back into the body and may disappear. Due to this, various treatment techniques are being developed to reduce the absorption and increase the survival rate of grafted fat.

The Reason Why Fat Grafting in Korea Price is Low

Fat grafting to have a voluminous face and body has been popular in Korea for more than a decade, especially facial fat grafting. There are numerous certified doctors and surgical clinics performing effective fat transplant to patients all over the world.

Consequently, this cosmetic procedure has evolved, with high record cases and new surgical techniques. Thus, the cost of fat grafting in Korea has considerably been lower than in other countries.

For example, the cost of buttock augmentation with fat graft
– Korea: USD 1700~
– USA: USD 4000~

Fat Grafting in Korea cost According To The Type of Treatment

fat grafting

Fat grafting aesthetic procedure varies according to the kind of results the patients seek and which part of the body to suck the fat. The types of fat graft treatments available in Korea are illustrated below.

Facial Fat Grafting (Facial Fat Transfer)

facial fat transfer
Image Source

It can be applied to the whole face (full-face fat grafting) or just specific facial areas, such as the forehead or tip of the chin.

Facial fat grafting can be a good solution for people with flat faces. Additionally, it can be suitable for faces where both sides of the temple are dented – old-looking hollowed cheeks, flat forehead, and deep nasolabial fold.

Another surgical technique used for facial fat grafting is called Micro-fat Grafting. This procedure uses a thin cannula, about one-third the thickness of the commonly used cannula.

In the same way, small fat particles can be injected evenly into each layer of skin that requires a volume. Micro-fat grafting can increase the survival rate of grafted fat and help improve natural volumetric and skin elasticity.

Cost (Full face fat grafting) in Korea: USD 600

Under Eye Fat Grafting

Under Eye Fat grafting
Image Source

Many people have ‘hollow under-eye’, which is one of the most common dark circles. This fat grafting procedure is ideal for people with insufficient fat under the eye.  It involves injecting fat between the skin layer and the orbicular muscle.

Apparently, this allows the implanted fat to cover the inner blue structure like a curtain, which improves the shade of the dark circle.

Under Eye Fat Grafting cost: USD 350

Fat Grafting + PRP

Image Source

PRP procedure requires adding PRP (platelet-rich plasma) to the fat graft, which may improve fat graft survival. This is because the various growth factors and healing agents contained in the platelets increase the new blood supply in the region of fat grafting

Cost: USD 850

Fat Grafting for Buttock Augmentation or Breast Augmentation

buttock breast fat graft

This fat transplant procedure is using liposuction to take excessive fat in the abdomen or thigh and injected into the buttock or breast to improve their volumes respectively.

Since the amount of liposuction is larger than that of facial fat grafting, you can expect to improve the shape of the liposuction area.


– Buttock Augmentation with fat grafting: USD 1700~

 – Breast Augmentation with fat grafting: USD 1700~

Fat Grafting in Korea Anesthesia

Local anesthesia or sleep anesthesia. Subsequently, grafting typically takes 2 to 4 hours. Meanwhile, treatment time depends on the area of treatment and the amount of fat to be collected.

Fat Transplant Process

The procedure is quite simple and systematic. A small incision is made on the lower abdomen or thighs after proper disinfection.

A cannula is inserted into the incision area where the required fat is extracted using a vacuum pump. The harvested fat is cleaned to perform centrifugation.

The fat is then injected into the fatty tissue under the skin in the procedure areas using various types of special needles suitable for treatment purposes.

Fat Grafting in Korea Recovery

It is a same-day procedure with no hospitalization required. Swelling should subside in a day or two but also depends on the treatment area and amount of fat grafting.
Eventually, recovery may take an average of 1 week while stitches can be removed after a week,

Fat Grafting Side Effect

1. Poorly implanted fat or over injection of fat may cause an uneven surface of the treatment area.
2. Bruises are likely to be felt on both the areas of fat extraction and fat deposited.
3. There can be symptoms of calcification in which hard lumps are touched.
4. Left and right asymmetry with different amounts of fat grafting and different fat survival rate.

Fat Grafting in Korea Before and After

Fat grafting korea before after 1
Image Source
fat graft korea before after 2
Image Source
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