Female genital surgery in Korea – Labiaplasty


Receiving female genital surgery in Korea is a relatively straight forward process and should be considered by women who have problems in their genitalia as they get older.

Labiaplasty procedure is reshaping or usually decreasing the size of inner fold of the vulva which protects the female genitalia. Many women in their 40s and older are interested in female genital surgery including labiaplasty. These women consider labiaplasty because vulval lips can thin and stretch with age.  Vulval lip sizes naturally come in many shapes or sizes. In some cases, woman can ask about genital surgeries even though they initially visited gynecology clinic because of other diseases.

Women naturally undergo many physical changes when they are in their forties or older. One of the biggest changes they undergo is in the reproductive organ. Reproductive organs are greatly affected, not only by aging, but also by pregnancy and childbirth.

If the elasticity of the vagina and labia decreases and droop, not only she may lose her self-confidence as a woman, but it can also affect the satisfaction of her sexual life and negatively affect the other organs around vagina and labia.

There are many types of surgeries that can solve these problems. In this blog, we will find out what kind of surgeries a woman can take to resolve these issues.

Female genital surgery type and effect



Labia, otherwise known as labia minora, is an area that exists in the shape of a petal between the two labia majora of woman. Labia minora protects the urethra and vagina from becoming dry and also prevents from external shocks or invasion of pathogens.

Labiaplasty is a type of female genital surgery that narrows the width of a stretched or widened labia, or it can correct the color of the labia.

Women can expect to improve these symptoms below through labiaplasty:

  • When labia is naturally broad, stretched in length, or if it doesn’t generally look good.
  • When you can feel itching or smell odors frequently in the vulva.
  • When frequent vaginitis occur.
  • When you feel tightness or pain while wearing tight clothes.


before-and-after-vaginoplastyImage source

Vagina is a very resilient body part. It is resilient enough to stretch and pass through the baby’s head when giving birth and contracting back to its original shape. However, since vagina is made up of skin tissue, it may cause problems with dilation as you get older.

For younger woman in the 20s and 30s the walls of the vagina are thicker. When women are in their 40s or older, their vagina walls become thinner and can become dry and inflamed due to child birth, frequent sexual relations and just general aging.

Vaginoplasty is a procedure that narrows the relaxed vaginal walls and accurately corrects pelvic muscles. By correcting the sagging walls of vagina through surgery, sexual satisfaction can be increased.

As mentioned previously, weakened pelvic muscles can also be corrected through vaginoplasty. Symptoms of weakened pelvic muscles include urinary incontinence, descensus uteri, tract, uterine sewage, cystocele. All these symptoms can be improved through vaginoplasty procedure.

Important factors for successful female genital surgery in Korea


Since the shape of labia varies from person to person, it is difficult to explain in writing what exact surgical methods will be used for each case. The length, color, cover of the clitoris, and thickness of labia are all different for each individual.

Vagina is also different also, and the size thickness elasticity varies from person to person. Due to this, a method of exact surgery cannot be defined nor limited.

Therefore, you should share your concerns with your doctor through sufficient counselling in advance of surgery. Through these consultations, the doctor will be able to plan for the surgery, which will be designed with the different forms and mind to achieve satisfactory results, both in health and in the aesthetic appearance of surgical site.

Cost of female genital surgery in Korea  according to the type of treatment


As explained briefly before, labiaplasty is a procedure that restores labia to a small and pretty shape, and the surgery is performed in various ways depending on the individual’s condition.

The procedure in depth is performed by aligning shape and size of labias, symmetrically calibrating on both sides of labias, and also considering the harmony of surrounding labia majora and clitoris.

Labiaplasty surgery in the past did not have a result of smooth surface at the treatment site, left scars, and a relatively long recovery period. However, in recent years, laser labiaplasty is used over simple incisions methods, and it uses laser to accurately exercise labia according to each individual’s condition. Due to this, there is little bleeding and scarring, and the advantage is that black coloring and drooping labia is smoothly corrected back to small original pink colored labia.



There are various methods in which vaginoplasty surgery can be divided into.

There is a method of cutting and attaching vaginal mucosa and the vaginal walls. There is also a method of narrowing vaginal width by making vaginal folds. Furthermore, there is a method of strengthening pelvic muscles to narrow the vaginal width.

While it may all seem complicated, what the biggest difference between these procedures are the difference in methods on how to narrow the width of vaginal walls; whether the surgery narrows down the shape while preserving the inside of the vagina, or weather it is an operation to resect and rejoin the insides of vagina.

It is reported that a surgery method that does not preserve vaginal mucosa and vagina walls cause vaginal dryness and vaginal ache post operation, and thinner vaginal walls weaken the surrounding muscles. Also, recovery takes a long time because some of the vaginal tissues are cut off. There is a big difference in post-operative pain between a surgery method that resect the insides of a vagina and a surgery that preserves the insides of the vagina.


Anesthesia procedures for female genital surgery in Korea

The whole operation takes around 30 minutes to 1 hour, and typically involves both sleep anesthesia and local anesthesia. In majority of the cases, sutures with absorb-able thread is used so you don’t have to pull out the stitches after surgery.

Recovery after female genital surgery in Korea


In recent years, there is less bleeding involved for female genital surgery because the laser cuts unnecessary areas while minimizing nerve and vascular damage.

While there may be a personal difference of timing between individuals in returning to daily life, it is generally possible for the patients to return to their daily routine the next day after surgery. Since the surgical wound will fully heal after 2 to 4 weeks after surgery, it is recommended that patient to abstain from sexual relations for at least a month.

If you have further questions regarding receiving female genital surgery in Korea, then you can always contact us or schedule a 1:1 remote consultation with our highly qualified doctors.

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