HIKO nose thread lift – the cost, benefits and results?

In a time of non-invasive procedures gaining popularity, HIKO nose thread lift is becoming an option chosen by many instead of going for surgery. With no downtime, affordable prices and natural results, HIKO is being loved by many looking to alter and correct their nose shape. The words broken down, Hi – short for High – and Ko – the romanised Korean word for nose – put together means High Nose and that is exactly what the procedure gives. But how does HIKO achieve this? How good are the results? Who can get this done?

How does the HIKO nose thread lift procedure work?

The procedure begins by numbing the nose and area around it. Then, depending on the type of correction needed such as lifting the nose bridge or straightening the nose, a thread is inserted in to the soft tissue of the nose. The number of threads needed will depend on the shape of the original nose and what the desired shape wanted is. For just raising the nose tip it can be just one or two threads however for lifting the nose tip and bridge more threads could be required. This tissue is deep under the skin so the threads cannot be seen on the surface of the skin. The threads then hold up the nose to give the nose height and definition. Think of the thread as a tent pole that holds the tent cover and in this case the tent cover is the nose tissue.

HIKO nose thread lift uses a thread to lift up the nose giving the nose a slimmer and defined look

The type of thread used will depend on the needs of the client. All thread types are usually made from PDO (Polydioxanone) which is used in other surgical stitches and is safely absorbed by the body. There are three types of this thread used: Mono thread, Cog thread and 360 degrees Cog thread. The mono thread is used for those requiring a subtle lifting effect for the nose and gives a natural finish. Cog threads have little barbs sticking out and this gives a bigger heightened effect on the nose. The barbs also hold the thread in place so that the shape can stay perfect the way the doctor intended it to be. Cog threads are more common than Mono ones because the effect is much more noticeable especially for flat nose tips.

An important part of this treatment happens outside the clinic. The threads, especially the cog threads, disturb the tissue in our nose. Also as the nose tissue is lifted there is very small tears in the nose tissue which are stretched to support the new shape. To support this new shape the body forms more collagen which is usually found in our skin to give structure. Collagen is what makes our skin firm and held together which makes it important when repairing injuries. The small ‘injuries’ caused by the thread triggers the body in to creating more collagen around the treated area and this ultimately leads to the nose lift becoming more permanent as the body heals around the new nose shape.

HIKO nose thread lift vs Other procedures

Effect Enhancing the existing
shape of the nose
bridge and tip. Lifting
effect in these areas.
Can shape every aspect of the
nose to the desired effect by enhancing the nose
Can change the shape of the nose in any way whether that is changing the structure of the nose, adding to the nose shape or taking away from it
Treatment Time5 to 30 mins depending
on the shape wanted
5 to 30 mins depending on the shape wanted.
1 to 4 hours depending
on the surgery. Surgery
on the nose tip will last
shorter than surgery needed for an upturned nose.
Maximum Effect1 to 2 weeks any swelling will go down. Can take up to 6 months for the thread to be fully absorbed 2 Weeks2 to 4 Weeks
Duration of Effect 1 to 2 years if PDO thread is used. Can eventually result in a semi-permanent effect 3 months to 2 years depending
on the type of filler used
Permanent Effect
Recovery TimeUp to a week as there may be some minor bruising
and swelling
The recovery time is immediate with minimum side effects. However it is advised to be very careful with the area the filler is in Up to 4 weeks depending on
the type of surgery and how
extensive it was.
Pain Very minimum, if any.
Numbing cream can be provided
Very minimum, if any.
Numbing cream can be provided
Anaesthesia used during the surgical process
Cost $250 USD and upwards depending on the area (whole nose or just the tip) and if filler is used to combine with the nose lift. $150 to $200 USD and upwards
depending on the area (whole nose or just the tip) and the filler
$1000 to $4500 USD
depending on the area of
*2019 price reference*

Who is it for?

HIKO will give the best result to those looking to raise their nose tip or nose bridge. This technique is made for this specific effect so the best candidate for this treatment will be those that are generally happy with the shape of their nose but would like the nose to be lifted. This would be for those with a flat nose that are looking for a straighter, slimmer nose. If someone has an extremely flat nose then the use of fillers may give more noticeable desired effects and can be combined with HIKO. If a person has a nose shape that they are extremely unhappy with such as a really hooked nose or there are large bumps on the nose, then rhinoplasty may be a better option as this way the whole nose shape can be altered.

HIKO nose thread lifting Korea

HIKO is extremely popular in Korea; one of the reasons being how quick the procedure is and even if the effects last 1 to 2 years, the top up procedure is easy to get as well. The price of the procedure is low in Korea without compromising the quality of the treatment. This is because the popularity of this treatment means many clinics offer it and this creates high competition. So to attract more clients the clinics offer lower rates. The procedure is popular to get after graduation and when applying to jobs so that people can present their best self. This procedure is often paired with other feature enhancing treatments such as V line injections.

Ready to book your first procedure after reading the above, but not sure where to start? Here’s where we come in. At Jivaka Care, we identify licensed and reputable clinics with English-speaking doctors and staff. We also deploy designated Care Planner to take care of you and your treatment process from start to end. With Jivaka Care, foreigners can look forward to a seamless healthcare and aesthetic treatment experience. You can use this link to book the HIKO nose thread lift (popularly known as Barbie Nose) or if you would like further information on other treatment options, feel free to read up on fillers and rhinoplasty.

If you need any guidance or healthcare related advice in Korea, message us on Kakaotalk and our website, or contact us via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages!

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