Jaw Surgery In Korea : Costs and Guidelines

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The pursuit of a small face, V-shaped jaw line, small sized chin, and obsession with the classic feminine beauty has made jaw surgery in Korea very popular around the world. Also known as Orthognathic Surgery, two-jaw surgery or double jaw surgery, this type of face contouring surgery is commonplace in Korea.

Plastic surgeons in Korea have gained prominence in this field by dint of experience and successful procedures over the last decade.

It is no façade that, the many celebrities have gone under the knife for aesthetic purposes, coupled with the competition of prices on getting jaw surgery in Korea, others seek this procedure for medical treatments.

However, excessive or lesser growth of facial bones usually results in malocclusion, lantern jaw, facial asymmetry, and mandibular dwarfism, which can cause a large and protrusion of square jaws or cheekbones.

Whether you have an unusually long face, protruding jaws, birth defects of the jaw, square jaw, injury to the jaw, small chins or rough face, getting corrective jaw surgery can be a definite solution.

Although simple and inexpensive non-invasive procedures such as botox, filler or thread lifting can be applied to correct the contour of the face, they are merely temporary solutions. Since these conditions are directly bone-induced, surgery is the only way to correct the facial bone.

Orthognathic surgery is one of the most common treatments for bone deformities of the jaw, such as prognathism or facial asymmetry. Jaw surgery involves the movement of the upper and lower jaw, including the teeth, to create a beautifully balanced facial line.

Therefore, there two main types of surgery that can change the structure and shape of the facial bones;

1. 2-Jaw Surgery or Double Jaw Surgery

2. Face Contouring Surgery

Important Factors for Successful Jaw Surgery in Korea

jaw surgery face types

The facial bones and teeth are responsible for all the activities relating to chewing, eating and speaking. Therefore, improper alignment or defects to these bones can have serious issues that need fixing.

Hence, Orthognathic surgery and facial contouring surgery are operations that are specially performed to the facial bone itself. It is important to understand the structure, shape, and function of the facial bone to determine the scope of the operation.

In addition, you must have a good understanding of the structure of dental interlocking and jaw joints, when performing 2-jaw surgery.

The Reason Why Jaw Surgery and Face Contouring Surgery in Korea Price is Low

It is estimated that some 5,000 people undergo these procedures annually in Korea – and the number has been increasing since 2014. This puts South Korea third, behind the United States and Mexico in the number of jaw surgery and face contouring Surgeries performed around the world.

The average price of face Contouring Surgery (Cheekbone Reduction surgery) in Korea is relatively cheaper than in other countries because of the increased price competition availability of expert doctors with a lot of procedural experience. Due to this quality, most people prefer South Korea for jaw surgery.

Price of Jaw Surgery in Korea According to The Type of Surgery

facial bone contouring 2015 country volume

2-Jaw Surgery

Korean jaw surgery takes many forms according to the needs and condition of the patient. 2-Jaw Surgery technically called orthognathic surgery is a jaw correction surgery to change the structural position of the upper jaw or lower jaw to improve the occlusion and appearance.

Generally, this type of jaw surgery is performed through intraoral incisions. In some cases, dermal incisions are performed to improve the condition of the jaw joint and soft tissue.

More so, LeFort I Osteotomy is the most commonly used procedure for cutting bones in the upper jaw. The bone can be built when it is necessary to lower or extend the jaw. Vertical osteotomy is a procedure in which the entire thickness of the lower jaw branches is cut.

Note that, specific scope and type of surgery will vary depending on the current occlusion and facial features.

2-Jaw Surgery in Korea Cost

  • The price varies according to the procedure type and differs also from which plastic surgery facility or surgeon you choose.
  • Meanwhile, the average price of 2-jaw surgery in Korea or double jaw surgery starts from USD 8500~ (2018)

Facial Contouring Surgery

This type of procedures is performed to improve the contours of the face. Also known as facial bone contouring surgery, it is used to correct protruding cheekbones and square jaw lines that make the face appear bigger.

Facial Contouring Surgery includes cheekbone surgery and lower jaw contour surgery.

Cheekbone Reduction surgery (Cheekbone Reduction, Zygoma Reduction, Chin Reduction)

Cheekbone surgery is done to improve the shape of the cheekbones. The procedure involves an intraoral incision, incision of the front region of ears, or incision of the scalp.

The position or shape of the cheekbone is changed through an osteotomy (bone cutting surgery) after approaching the cheekbone through the incision. In the process, the cheekbones are usually fixed with wires or plates.

Note that, surgery may be completed without a fixed procedure, depending on the surgery method.

Cheekbone Reduction Surgery cost

  • The price varies according to the procedure type and also differ from plastic surgery type and the preference of the surgeon.

But the average price of Cheekbone Reduction surgery in Korea starts from USD 1700~ (2018)

Jaw Reduction Surgery

Jaw reduction surgery is done to improve the shape of the lower jawbone.

It involves Intraoral incisions or dermal incision. This surgery changes the shape of the lower jaw through osteotomy (bone cutting surgery), after approaching the lower jawbone through the incision.

The design and area of the jawbone reduction surgery, however, depends on the desired jaw shape.

Jaw Reduction Surgery Cost

  • The price varies according to the procedure type and also differs from plastic surgery type and the surgeon you choose.
  • The average price of Cheekbone Reduction surgery in Korea starts from USD 2500~ (2018)

Jaw Surgery in Korea Anesthesia Process

1. For 2-jaw surgery orthognathic surgery, general anesthesia is required.

2. On the other hand, Cheekbone Reduction surgery is performed under local anesthesia. Jaw Reduction surgery is also performed under general anesthesia, but in some cases, local anesthesia is used.

Jaw Surgery in Korea Recovery Process

Korean jaw surgery recovery time varies from patient to patient. Here are the duration and recovery times for each type of surgical procedure.

2-Jaw Surgery

  • The operation takes about three to five hours and requires three to four days of hospitalization in most cases.
  • Depending on the degree and type of surgery, two weeks of inpatient treatment may be required.
  • A pre or post-operative orthodontic treatment is needed to achieve enough dental interlocking.

Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

  • The surgery takes about two to four hours and requires one day of hospitalization.
  • Depending on the treatment policy, monitoring may be performed without hospitalization.
  • Generally, it is necessary to protect the surgical area for two weeks and avoid heavy mouth opening or hard food.

Jaw Reduction Surgery

  • The procedure takes about two to four hours and requires 1 to 2 days of hospitalization.
  • Generally, it is recommended to keep the mouth clean and avoid irritation for two weeks until the intraoral wound is stabilized.

Jaw Surgery in Korea Side Effects

2-Jaw surgery

  • The most common risk associated with orthognathic surgery is bleeding (blood loss) and nerve damage. However, the incidence is quite low.
  • These risks can be caused by an anatomical change or surgical damage.
  • Patients are likely to have infection, nonunion, and instability of occlusion.
  • Other complications may occur from the infections if oral hygiene is not properly controlled after surgery.

Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

The most common risks associated with this surgery are the Cheek droop and cheekbone nonunion. Cheekbone nonunion occurs when the cheekbones are not maintained in the postoperative position and are moved by internal and external forces.

In addition, cheek drooping can occur if the skin fails to keep up with changes in bone structure due to the high amount of skin or the lack of elasticity on the skin

Jaw Reduction Surgery

  • The most common risks associated with surgery are bleeding and nerve damage.
  • If there is a large amount of moderation in the jaw bone, there is a possibility of skin drooping down the chin and neck, which may require further treatment or surgery.

Jaw Surgery in Korea Before & After

2-Jaw Surgery

2-jaw surgery korea before after 1
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2-jaw surgery korea before after 2
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Cheekbone Reduction Surgery

cheekbone reduction surgery korea before after 2
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Cheekbone Reduction Surgery before after 1
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Jaw Reduction Surgery

Jaw reduction surgery korea before after 2
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jaw reduction surgery korea before after 1
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