Why Korean double eyelid surgery is so good


Korea is known around the world for their excellent plastic surgery skills. Double eyelid surgery is the most frequently performed surgery in Korea, but you may ask the question, why Korean double eyelid surgery is so good.

But before we explain why Korea’s double eyelid surgery is so good, we need to analyze from various angles where the excellence of Korean medical treatment comes from.

Korean healthcare has now started to gain a global recognition

cancer-survival-statistics-double-eyelid-surgery-in-koreaAccording to a recent study conducted by a joint Korean-american research team, the survival rate of 5 years stomach cancer after surgery in Korea was 82% which was 26 percentage points higher than that of the United States. This study shows that there is a gap and skills between the Korean and US medical teams for stomach cancer surgery.

The prevalence of stomach cancer in Korea is around 10 times higher than that of the United States, which seems to have affected Korean surgeons by providing a rich experience in this field.

Korea’s high quality medical care is attributed to such experienced medical professionals and it is one of the reasons why Korean double eyelid surgery skills are so good.

Korea has high accessibility to medical treatment

statistics-for-number-of-hospital-beds-per-one-thousand-people-in-OECD-countriesAccording to the OECD health statistics, the total number of hospital beds in Korea per 1000 people was 11.98 in 2016, second highest after that of Japan with 13.1 beds. This statistic is 2.4 times higher than the OECD average of 4.7 beds.

hospital-beds-in-KoreaImage source

This statistic includes plastic surgery clinics which means there are plenty of beds to accommodate double eyelid surgery patients.

Hospitals in Korea are very well equipped with hospital facilities in medical equipment needed for medical treatment

statistics-for-number-of-diagnostic-equipment-for-OECD-countries Korea also has a large number of expensive diagnostic equipment when compared among OECD member countries.

As of 2016 statistics, hospitals in Korea had 28 MRI (otherwise known as magnetic resonance imaging) equipment per 1 million people, the fifth largest among OECD countries. This is 12 unit more than the OECD average of 16 units.

It is essential to have proper imaging equipment in order to understand the patient’s condition and build up the right treatment Plan before performing surgery.

Korea, the highest rate of plastic surgeries and double eyelid surgeries per capita

According Commission’s survey in 2014, Korea’s annual plastic surgery market is worth about 5 trillion 1 won (about $4.3 trillion USD in 2019). Considering how the size of the global market is about 21 trillion won (around $18.1 trillion USD in 2019), Korea’s plastic surgery market is by far the largest in the world since it accounts for about a quarter of the world’s market.


In terms of the number of average cosmetic surgeries performed in the population, South Korea ranked first in the world with 23 plastic surgeries per 1000 people. Out of these people, large amount of them opt for double eyelid surgery in Korea.

Double eyelid surgery in Korea is the top performed plastic surgery

The most frequently performed plastic surgery area in Korea is the eye, and the double eyelid surgery in Korea ranked and the top position in plastic surgery.

statistics-of-different-plastic-surgeries-performed-in-Korea-per-yearLike all other plastic surgeries, but especially for double eyelid surgery, you can achieve satisfying results in Korea due to highly experienced plastic surgeons and qualified medical staff, and lower prices than in other countries.

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