Korean Plastic Surgery Clinic or Dermatology Clinic?


The popularity of medical cosmetic treatment has not faded. This is evident through many patients wanting to receive cosmetic treatments through Korean plastic surgery clinic and dermatology clinics nowadays.

With the emergence of various medical techniques, new treatment materials and equipment, areas of the body that had no alternative treatments in the past other than invasive surgeries can now be improved with non invasive procedures.

With the ever growing popularity of plastic surgery within Korea, there is a large influx of doctors coming into the cosmetic surgery field. Due to this, there are cases where you are confused about whether you need to go to plastic surgery clinic or go to a dermatology clinic, or even other clinics to receive the treatment that you want.

In this blog we will distinguish the difference between the two and write about the two largest areas of medical cosmetic treatment.

Board certified plastic surgeon and dermatologist

While clinic performance and it’s procedures are important, ultimately, it is the doctors and their skill which allows successful cosmetic treatments. It is true in saying that the abilities and talents of each individual doctor is important. Because of this, it may not be right to say that all board certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists are good at surgery, and all non board certified doctors are bad at treatment. In some cases non board certified doctor with plenty of experience can safely and successfully perform plastic surgery or dermatological treatment.

However, it is ideal to choose a board certified plastic surgeon and dermatologist with extensive experience and knowledge because of their credibility.

We will tell you in two ways would you can identify board certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Distinguish with clinic sign boards


Image source

Clinics that have ‘OO plastic surgery clinic’ or ‘OO dermatology clinic’ is written is where the plastic surgeons and dermatologists are present.

Signs such as ‘OO clinic’ is a medical service department that could perform plastic surgery or dermatological treatments, but do not have a board certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists working there.

The association of Korean plastic surgeons and the Association of Korean dermatologists


Image source

Checking the doctors identification card is a good way to distinguish between board certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists against non board certified doctors. Doctor’s identification card proves if they are board certified or not.

You can also verify if the doctor is listed as a board certified surgeon in the websites below:

https://www.plasticsurgery.or.kr/eng/search/ (ENG)

http://akd.or.kr/test/test.html (KOR)

Korean plastic surgery clinics


In Korean plastic surgery clinics, cosmetic surgery is the main area of treatment provided. Places like plastic surgery department of University hospitals mainly focuses on reconstructive surgeries for patients. To obtain a board certified plastic surgeon title, doctors must undergo training in plastic surgery Department of University hospitals. These are the only training centers that doctors can go to obtain a board certified title.

Plastic surgeons in university hospitals are mainly responsible for reconstructive surgery on various trauma patients including burns and reconstruction of areas eliminated during cancer treatment.

Reconstructive surgery contrasts with other surgical procedures as these surgical procedures generally remove lesions. However, reconstruction surgery focuses on reconstruction of the body’s missing parts using various implants or other body tissues. It can be said that reconstruction surgery is one of the basic field and concepts of plastic surgery.

It is no surprise that at reconstruction surgery field is an area where very fine and delicate procedures are required. Plastic surgeons who had the experience the surgical procedures requiring fine level of delicacy throughout the training period is what that differentiates them from other specialist doctors. In particular, basic understanding and management of wound healing and reconstruction surgery is one of the fundamental philosophies in cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons have superior knowledge to handle and treat wounds which is especially important for safe plastic surgery operation.

Korean dermatology clinics


Dermatological procedures are different to that of plastic surgery because most dermatological procedures are non-invasive treatments, except in some cases that require resection. Most of dermatology procedures that use laser equipment are also performed and many general clinics and even in oriental medicine clinics.

However, it is very important to be able to distinguish the cause of the pigment and which layer of the skin the pigment is located in, because even similar looking skin pigmentation should be treated with various different methods.

It is important to receive treatment with dermatologists, who are experts and have experienced numerous clinical cases through the course of training, including knowledge about pigmentation disorders, dermatological disease and skin cancer. Dermatologists are best aware of the condition of the patient’s skin and concerns for side effects. All of these qualities are needed to establish the safest and most effective treatment associated with the skin.

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