Male genital surgery in Korea and its types


There are many different types of male genital surgery and some of these surgeries are necessary for a satisfactory sexual relationship, even though he may not have any problems in daily life. There are also surgeries to eliminate problems that can disrupt daily life and induce secondary infections. In this article, we will summarize different types and effects of male genital surgery in Korea and how it works.

Male genital surgery types and effect


Circumcision is a surgical procedure that exposes the glans and the bulb of the urethra by resecting the foreskin of penis that covers the glans.

Circumcision has the effect of maintaining hygienic conditions in the penis area and reduces the risk of infection in the urinary tract.

Penile augmentation

In penile augmentation, there is glans augmentation and penile lengthening procedure for men who are troubled by thinness or short length of their penis.

There are a variety of implant materials which allows patients to choose according to their own conditions and preferences after consultation with a doctor.


Otherwise known as male sterilization, this procedure is suitable for males where couples who have concerns about pregnancy after their child birth plans are over. Couples with such issues are more likely to ask or inquire about vasectomy.

Vasectomy surgery is a procedure that blocks the vas deferens, which is the passage for sperm. This surgical method allows to avoid pregnancy by preventing sperm from being present in the semen during ejaculation through intercourse.

Cost of male genital surgery in Korea according to the type of treatment



There are two methods to cut the foreskin of penis. The first method is to cut the ends of foreskin by pulling it. Another method, otherwise called as sleeve resection method, is the procedure to make cuts around the base of the foreskin leaving a sleeve of foreskin.

These surgical methods are used in all age groups except for newborns, but sleeve resection method is generally preferred, which has fewer side effects and is capable of delicate designs.

Penile augmentation

Penile augmentation increases the size of the penis or glans through fat grafting, implant surgery, magnetic field, prosthesis, dermal substitutes procedure, and filler injections.

Penile augmentation method uses dermal substitutes instead of inserting various artificial dermis into the penis and fat grafting is a method of grafting autologous fat from either the thigh or hips into the penis or glans.The real advantage of using autologous fat is that it has less side effects in the body and material cost is lower than dermal substitutes. But over time, fat cells can be absorbed and perception of the procedure satisfaction can be reduced.

In comparison to other surgical methods, filler injection method is injecting liquid prosthetic implants into the penis and glans. The advantage of this procedure is that it is less burdensome and treatment time itself is shorter.



As mentioned before, vas deferens is a part of male genital structure that allows delivery of the sperm. It is a thin, long tube that sends sperm generated from the testicles to the spermatic sac.

One of the usual methods of vasectomy is to make a small incision in the scrotum and take the vas deferens out through it. Vas deferens is then cut into one centimeter pieces, the incised ends are tied with a string, and the incised ends are then electrocauterized. After checking for bleeding, exposed vas deferens are then put back into the scrotum and the incised scrotum skin is stitched with a thread.

Anesthesia procedures for male genital surgery in Korea

Most procedures for male genital surgery in Korea are operated under local anaesthesia. With local anaesthesia, the level of pain is tolerable most patients.

Recovery after male genital surgery in Korea



For circumcision, sutures are removed about 7 days after surgery and patient can take showers after removing the sutures. You can resume drinking, sexual relations and exercise about two to three weeks after surgery.

In some cases, post-operative pain may occur, but it usually comes down within two to three days.

Penile augmentation

Penile augmentation procedure doesn’t need hospitalization if there is no special reason to do so. Patients can get out of the hospital right after the operation and return to their daily life. You can drive or walk immediately after surgery and do not need a post-op vacation. Sutures are removed around 7 to 10 days after surgery and patients can take a shower after removing the sutures.

You can resume your normal drinking, sexual relations and exercise about 3 to 4 weeks after surgery.


In general, you can resume sexual relationship about 7 to 10 days after a vasectomy procedure but patients are expected to maintain contraceptive procedures for three months after vasectomy.

After three months from initial vasectomy procedure, the patient visits the hospital and a semen examination is performed to check if he has become an aspermia.

If you are thinking of receiving male genital surgery in Korea or have questions, please contact us or book for a 1:1 remote consultation with our highly qualified doctors.

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