Dr. Dongyeon Hwang

M.D. Plastic Surgery
Specializes in Breast & Body

How Does 1:1 Video Consultation Work?

Check out this video to real example from actual 1:1 video consultation.

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Personal Statement

To make a beautiful breast; surgery should be performed by considering not only the breast size and shape, texture, overall balance with the body and even the breast feeding functions.

Developing and researching surgery method that patients would satisfy for the most natural and safe way possible by consulting concerns that as a female would have.

Making endless effort to communicate, treat and approach with honest mind and heart just like treating my own family. 


– Present) NANA Plastic Surgery Chief Director
– Former) Cheif of Breast Surgery Center at ID Hospital
– Graduate of The Catholic University of Korea, College of Medicine
– Specialist at The Catholic University of Korea Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital
– Adjunct Professor at The Catholic University of Korea, Dept. of Plastic Surgery

– 2018 – Accreditation Award for most Bellagel cases
– 2018 – Speaker at Allergan Inspira AMI
– 2017 – Published ‘Modified Dual Plane’ PRS thesis
– 2016 – Held live ‘Endoscopic Breast Surgery’ symposium
– 2014 – Speaker at the Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
– 2013 – Speaker at The Korea Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons Congress

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