Plastic surgery clinic in Korea – Guide to finding the best


Trying to find the best plastic surgery clinic in Korea could be one of the hardest things to do. It is extremely important for the patient to choose the correct plastic surgery clinic that have vast experience.

Plastic surgery, which had seemed to be the exclusive property for young women has become more common over the years. Surgery types in these areas have also become more diverse than in the past, and the age and gender of interests and plastic surgery or also expanding.

More patients are also coming to Korea for plastic surgery due to the high quality of medical services and relatively low prices. Unfortunately, most of the information existing are only available in Korean. Even for hospital websites made for foreigners have only some Korean contents that have been translated into foreign languages. Therefore, foreigners are not getting enough information about doctors who provide surgery for them and the information of surgery itself.

In this blog post, we will give you tips on how to find the plastic surgery clinic in Korea, which can be one of the most important information for making your decision.

Things you should never do when searching for plastic surgery clinic in Korea


Don’t make quick decision on few initial search results

In general, the best way to find plastic surgery clinic where you’ll be operated on is by searching in search engines. You’ll be able to find a list of suitable plastic surgery clinics through patient reviews or posts in various social media and internet articles, including clinic websites.

Distributing information requires marketing budget so the larger clinics or more capital intensive clinics are more likely to be exposed. But capital-intensive clinics not always the right choice in providing you with the right surgery.

Don’t blindly trust before and after photos


It is relatively difficult to judge the objective effect of the surgery by before and after photos alone. Most of before surgery photos are taken under dim light and often the patient does not have any make-up on and after photos are generally taken with a full makeup under bright lighting. The collection of before and after photos that are presented are usually the select few of the best results from the clinic. Also in case of some clinics, they post modify the after photos using Photoshop. Therefore, surgery should not be decided solely by before and after photos.

Do not just follow influencers and celebrities

In almost all cases where celebrities say they have been treated at a particular clinic are sponsorship. Due to this, it will be difficult for celebrities to be completely objective and honest about clinics they are sponsored from. It’s also not unusual for celebrities to receive special treatment for more beauty treatment than usual so it is hard to expect the same result only with the treatment from a certain clinic, where a celebrity said she or he had been treated.

Don’t just choose a clinic

There are of course important things to check in the clinic side. But in the end, it’s not the clinic that performs a surgery but a doctor. Just by choosing from clinic alone you won’t be able to identify which doctor operated on which patient. It is not a good decision to choose a clinic without knowing which doctor will perform the surgery.

Things you should do when finding plastic surgery clinic in Korea


Check if your doctor is a board certified surgeon

First of all, you should check if your doctor is a board-certified surgeon.

There are large influx of doctors in the cosmetic surgery field with the growing popularity of plastic surgery in Korea. Of course, it is not right to say that all board certified plastic surgeons are good at surgery and all non specialist doctors bad at them. However, all plastic surgeons are experts who have trained for at least four years and performs over 200 surgeries per year.

Getting surgery from a board certified plastic surgeon cannot be the golden standard about choosing your doctor, but it is safe to say that it must be the minimum standard for a safer outcome of the surgery.

You are able to verify the if the doctor is a board certified surgeon or not at the website below:


Go for a specialist


For best results, you should visit a doctor who has a lot of experience in the area of surgery want to receive. To give you an example, for a doctor who specializes in nose alone, the nose will be the most frequently performed plastic surgery site. Due to this, there will be various offers for dozens of surgical methods including incision method, incision site, types of implants and so on.

A surgeon who has lots of surgical experiences in various methods will most likely come up with the most suitable surgical method for you, and you get to carry out the surgery perfectly as planned.

Check if your plastic surgery clinic in Korea is well-organised for your surgery


It is extremely important to consult a doctor sufficiently before surgery. Doctors who are working in clinics which holds surgeries like a factory production line, often do not have enough time to consult with patients.

Surgery should be performed at clinics that only use licensed standard materials for surgery, such as implants. You should definitely check if the clinic guarantees these kinds of things.

Also, whether or not anesthesiologists are able to check patient’s condition throughout the surgery is critical, if the surgical area is wide and at the operation takes a long time.

Therefore, don’t just choose a plastic surgery clinic in Korea, choose a doctor.

After all, the most important thing is to have sufficient consultation with a doctor. Comparisons of values that could not be determined through touring clinics, or through internet posts and social media are made easier to discern through consultations with actual doctor’s counselling. You can usually guess whether a doctor sitting in front of you is actually a doctor who can perform surgery well, or even care about post-operative care.

Know that you are unique


Bond between doctor and patients can never be filled or replaced with fancy marketing materials. This is something that you cannot determine through hearing from your friends or through celebrity experience.

So even if researching is a little bit of a hassle, consultation with a doctor should be considered as the most important step in deciding the surgery. It is only when we feel confident through consultations with a doctor that we find the best possible plastic surgeons.

The moment of conviction through consultation with a doctor is when you will be able to find the best plastic surgeon in Korea.

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