Dr. Dukkyu Han

Doctor of Medicine
Specializes in Laser Treatment, Non-invasive Dermatology Treatment

How Does 1:1 Video Consultation Work?

Check out this video to real example from actual 1:1 video consultation.

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Personal Statement

“Objectifying the subjective.” I think of myself as a scientist. As such, I use all means possible such as ultrasound, 3D scanner, skin color measurement, high-powered camera under different lightings to objectify a patient’s problem rather than rely solely on my eyes.

Using the before-and-after photos generated with these tools and the 3D scanner to simulate expected results, I try to set the most realistic expectation from procedures rather than diving in first.

Hence our name, “Preview” clinic


Preview Clinic Nowon, Chief Doctor 

School of Medicine, ChungNam University 
Ppeum Clinic Mia, Chief Doctor
Ppeum Clinic Ilsan, Doctor
Toxnfill Nowon/Ilsan, Doctor

Before & After Photos