What is Q.O. Fill Filler and what does it do?


As we age our skin ages along with us. This means wrinkles will form, skin will look more dull, and facial volume will decrease. The main causes of these is skin damage that comes along with aging. Anti aging procedures have been steadily gaining popularity as a medical treatment to prevent these aging side effects. Many people tend to prefer a relatively inexpensive and convenient non surgical procedure, such as filler and Botox, in comparison to plastic surgery. Due to this, Q.O. Fill Filler is a popular type of filler because of its short treatment time and immediate long-lasting effects.

Quick facts about Q.O. Fill


The Q.O. Fill filler has immediate and long-lasting facial volume effect. Treatment time can be anywhere between 30 minutes to 1 hour and there is no long recovery period, which means the patient has no downtime in returning to their daily lives.

A topical numbing cream is used before the treatment starts to ensure to lessen the pain. While patients can return to their normal lives immediately, there is a chance of minor swelling that would last for less than 5 days. Since there is no suturing involved with Q.O. Fill procedure, there is no need to remove any stitches afterwards.

There may be some degree of pain involved during and after the treatment, but the advantage is that you will see an immediate volume improvement for maximum effect.

This treatment is expected to last a duration of at least two years.

What is Q.O.Fill filler?


Q.O. Fill treatment involves and injectable filler procedure which is specialized in full face augmentation. Hyaluronic acid is mixed with PRP (otherwise referred as platelet rich plasma) are the ingredients used for Q.O. Fill. PRP is obtained by extracting it from the patient’s own blood.

Unlike any other existing filler procedures, Q.O. Fill fillers can have an immediate effect.

In the event a correction or removal is required after the procedure, it can be removed with hyaluronidase (which is a hyaluronic filler melting agent) injection.

By adding PRP to the existing filler, its growth factors can effectively compliment the limits of the filler by continuously stimulating collagen in elastin generation. Since PRP is an ingredient extracted from patient’s own body,  it is quite safe as it minimizes side effects such as inflammation and infections.

This treatment is highly utilized because it is possible to perform full face procedures while being able to improve nasolabial fold or forehead volume at the same time. Patient level of satisfaction as high for this treatment, because it can achieve natural volumetric effect and skin regeneration effects.

How is Q.O. Fill made?


There are many components within our blood. Blood consists of plasma and blood cells. These blood cells can include red blood cells platelets and white blood cells. PRP is a person’s plasma that contains platelets that are in higher concentrations above the normal level.

As you probably already know, PRP is not produced from the factory, but it is made from blood taken from the patient’s body.

After the blood is collected from the patient, it is turned at high speed centrifuge. The heavy red blood cells sink to the bottom, the medium sized platelet and white blood cells float in the middle, and the plasma with little to no weight blood cells float on the top. The top layer and the middle layer is removed and mixed with Tissuefill (hyaluronic acid filler) to make Q.O. Fill.

Effects of PRP


PRP contains a lot of growth stimulating factors such as PDGF, TGFb, EGF, and VEGF, and cytokine, which induces differentiation of stem cells. Due to this, PRP enhances the production of elastic fiber cells such as collagen and elastin which are all useful for skin regeneration and wound healing.

PRP also includes platelets that function as haemostasis, sterilization, and cellular division promotion so the area of surgery can recover very quickly.

PRP injection alone is a treatment for other procedures such as hair loss therapy and skin texture improvement therapy. PRP is also used when undergoing fat grafting for the purpose of increasing fat cell adhesion rate and continuing its effects.

There are no known allergic reaction for PRP.

Application areas for Q.O. Fill


Q.O. fill is a basic principle for full-face procedure.

Normally, full face procedures require 5 cc or higher doses of filler. If an existing filler is used for a full face treatment, the price for the procedure becomes very high. But if a full face for a full face treatment is performed with Q.O Fill, it becomes much cheaper.

However, Q.O. Fill is not suitable for use in nose and chin, as these areas require a filler with higher elasticity.

Average injection dose for the treatment


Each individual patient has different facial size and although the dose can be slightly different depending on the size and condition of the face, the typical dose per site is as follows:

Forehead dose can be anywhere between 6 cc to 8 cc

Full face dose is around 10 cc

Recommended cases for Q.O Fill.

Q.O. Fill treatment is recommended to a person who are lacking volume on their face. People with low, dented or a symmetrical forehead are also a good candidate for Q.O. Fill treatment. Furthermore, people that have strong impression and angular face is recommended for Q.O. Fill.

Important factors for successful treatment

It is important to receive the procedure at a hospital where you can check whether a genuine Tissuefill product is used or a standard kit is used to extract PRP.

Since Q.O. Fill has different viscosity and characteristics to that of a normal filler, it is important to be treated by a trained doctor who has as an extensive experience in the Q.O. Fill procedure.

Cost of Q.O. Fill

Prices for Q.O. Fill may vary from hospital to hospital. However the average price for Q.O Fill procedure in Korea is around $80 USD per 1 cc.

Q.O. Fill – Before and after


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