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Plastic surgery is a lifetime decision.

Celebrity stories, before/after photos, online testimonials...interesting stories, but they are not YOU.

The right procedure for you can only be decided between you and your doctor.

Begin your quest for your unique beauty RIGHT NOW.

Video Consultation Patient Story

These are two patients who experienced our video consultation. Listen to what their experience was like and how a video consultation with a doctor can help you make your decision and prepare you for your medical experience in Korea.

"This consultation was very useful since I wanted to plan my trip to Seoul as short as possible. I have scheduled a surgery on the day of arrival, and I am comfortable with the decision since I have spoken to Dr. Kim myself."

March 2019

Under Eye Fat Repositioning , Singapore

"I haven't firmly decided whether I will get a surgery in fact. However, it was a great experience for me since I was able to speak to the doctor himself and get advice and actual quote. It's better than browsing internet all day long."

March 2019

Ptosis Correction , USA

Partner Doctors

Meet best doctors in Korea for international patients, vetted by Jivaka Care.

Dr. Hyungsuk Kim

1mm Plastic Surgery

M.D. Plastic Surgery
Specializes in Facial Surgery

Dr. Yujin Myung

Ajou University Hospital

M.D. Plastic Surgery
Specializes in Traumatic, Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Jeongho Cha

Mina Plastic Surgery

M.D. Plastic Surgery
Specializes in Eye, Nose, Liposuction

Dr. Dukkyu Han

Preview Clinic Nowon

Doctor of Medicine
Specializes in Laser treatment, Non-invasive Skin treatment

Dr. Jeonghwan Lee

Yuno Plastic Surgery

M.D. Plastic Surgery
Specializes in Eye, Fat Repositioning

Dr. Sangmin Park

La Red Plastic Surgery

M.D. Plastic Surgery
Specializes in Eye, Nose, Fat Grafting

Dr. Byungjun Rhee

BK Plastic Surgery

M.D. Plastic Surgery
Specializes in Eye, Face Contouring, Liposuction

Dr. Jooyoung Park

Bioface Clinic

Doctor of Medicine
Specializes in Filler, Botox, Non-invasive Skin treatment

Dr. Dongyeon Hwang

NANA Plastic Surgery

M.D. Plastic Surgery
Specializes in Breast & Body

Dr. Hyungjun Kim

NANA Plastic Surgery

M.D. Plastic Surgery
Specializes in Eye, Nose

Dr. Sangrok Choi

NANA Plastic Surgery

M.D. Plastic Surgery
Specializes in Face Contouring


Sample Video Consultation

Your Benefits

Plan Ahead, Save Time

Secure your surgery schedule in advance without having to go through multiple offline consultations after arriving in Korea.

Transparent Pricing

Quotes will be directly provided by the clinic immediately following the consultation. No hidden fees, and same-price guarantee with offline channel.

Team of medical professionals

Jivaka Care has medical staffs internally - including a doctor and a pharmacist. We are truly qualified to provide expert guidance.

How It Works

Step1 - Submit an application

Step 2 - Send us details about your medical concern

Step 3 - Pre-consultation with Jivaka Care team

Step 4 - Doctor consultation


A. During one session, you could consult with one doctor for 15minutes on a live video environment. The doctor will present you with a treatment plan for your concern which has been already shared. You can continue with asking questions and sharing thoughts about the recommendation. Exact quote and special offer will be provided following the consultation.

A. Consultation is FREE of charge.

A. Please fill out the application by clicking on “Request Video Consultation” button. You will be requested to complete an application form.

A. Sorry. This time, we do not offer an extended consultation. Your consultation room will be automatically closed 1 minute after the original session is supposed to end. We have ran many test sessions previously, and concluded 15minute is a sufficient time. Also, Jivaka Care team will make sure that the doctors are 100% prepared for the consultation. 

A. The quote is exclusive for the patients who have participated in this 1:1 video consultation event with Jivaka Care. If you make a deposit within 24hrs, you will be able to make an appointment with special quote. Also, if you change your mind after visiting Korea, you can still exchange the deposit for other treatments – such as botox or fillers.

A. No. It’s entirely up to you. After paying the deposit, you can choose your schedule whenever you are ready. This will be quite useful in the high season especially, since it’s really hard to schedule a surgery.

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