Rhinoplasty in Korea: Quick Facts

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Today’s post will cover the basics of getting a rhinoplasty in Korea, for the contemplating, the decided, and the curious. Welcome! We know you have questions, so let’s get started.

What kind of rhinoplasty in Korea is right for me?

Most people start with this question, of course. Sometimes they’re unhappy with their appearance. Sometimes they have a breathing-related problem they might want fixed. Having surgery on your nose can drastically change how your face looks. So the journey to getting rhinoplasty often begins at the mirror, imagining what would look better than what’s currently there.

Largely, the answer to that question depends on the nose you have now, what your doctor recommends, and what you can afford, roughly in that order. Here’s a graphic we designed to illustrate this point. These are different kinds of rhinoplasty in Korea that you can get:

Diagram of different rhinoplasty in Korea options

Basically, different noses require different surgeries, though generally people tend to want similar results — a straight, high nose bridge with a narrow tip, generally. Before you get rhinoplasty in Korea, you should discuss this in detail with your doctor.

How much does rhinoplasty in Korea cost?

This can vary depending on what kind of procedure you want, and the extent of the surgery you will receive. Generally, it can be as low as$1,000 USD or as high as $4,500 USD. The cost varies so much because of the kinds of surgery required. The more extensive surgery to augment a flat nose, which makes the nose bridge higher (check out box #1 of the infographic above), takes more work, so it’s more expensive.

For contrast, the average cost of rhinoplasty in the U.S. is about $5,125. The actual cost varies widely there depending on the surgeon’s experience and location. What you want to have done also matters. (Source: American Society of Plastic Surgeons) If you want a simpler procedure, you can save a lot more money in Korea than the U.S.!

These are averages though, so the exact cost will vary according to each clinic, as well as your own health needs. However, it’s still good to keep these general figures in mind for when you have a consultation with a doctor, so you know what to expect.

How long does recovery from rhinoplasty take?

Ah, the most important question. You don’t want to go into work or school looking like you had a fight with a windmill and lost.

Two men boxing

There’s no sugarcoating it — this surgery will take some time to heal, and require a lot of checkups along the way. After the surgery, you’ll have to wear the splint and bandages around your nose for 7 days, usually, with the doctor checking on your progress every other day.

After a week, your nose will be swollen and bruised. It won’t look “normal” for another two or three weeks. Your recovery time will depend on your own health and body. The extent of the changes made also matters, but this is the general time frame you can expect. (Source: 10 Magazine) It’s best to go through this with your doctor in advance. You need to know how much time you’ll need to recover. It’s best to get a nose job when you have a lot of free time to relax and heal. Having someone around to help take care of you is also important, especially during that first week after surgery.

I have more questions about rhinoplasty in Korea! What do I do?

With this kind of topic, there’s always so much we can cover, and so many specific details we could dive into beyond the basic questions most people have. So if there’s something we haven’t covered here, feel free to let us know! We love to answer questions, and don’t worry, we’ll respect your private information if you message us in a 1:1 chat. So don’t Google your fears and worries in an Incognito tab — drop us a line on our website, on Messenger, or on KakaoTalk!


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