Skin Whitening in Korea

Skin whitening in Korea

The rising popularity of cosmetic procedures over the past decade has brought new technologies with it. Now more than ever, we have a wide selection available to us when it comes to cosmetic procedures and alterations. Among those operations is skin whitening. Korean skin whitening procedures are very popular these days. As the name implies, skin whitening is the process of treating the skin to make it appear lighter.

Though the concept is simple, the procedure is relatively unknown to people and for that reason, it can be difficult to understand. This document will walk you through the information that you need to know about skin whitening and what to expect if you are undergoing a Korean skin whitening treatment.

About Korean Skin Whitening Procedures

One of the more difficult things to understand about skin whitening is why someone might want it. While some think of skin whitening to be purely cosmetic, it does have its benefits to the skin. One of the things that lead to darkened skin is exposure to sunlight. When your skin is exposed to a lot of sunlight, melanin is released which naturally makes your skin darker.

This means that the best way to avoid skin darkening from your natural skin color is to use a combination of the avoidance of too much sunlight and also an effective and efficient skin whitening treatment plan. This can seem overwhelming, but with the right skin care professional, it is actually quite an easy plan. It’s worth it if you are serious about your skin tone.

The decision to explore skin whitening is often an easy one, but deciding on a treatment can be complicated without a proper professional guiding you through the options. It’s always good to do your own research, but when it comes to making the final decision you should always consult an industry professional so that you can receive the best care possible.

You may have heard about the effect that dead skin has on your skin tone. If you haven’t, you should definitely be aware that the process of new skin generating creates a cycle in which your skin becomes darker over time.

Every 28 days, your skin goes through a cycle that replaces the top layer of skin. This creates an abundance of dead skin cells that, unless they are properly removed, stay on your skin and create a darker or dimmed appearance. If you want your skin to stay a certain tone, this is definitely something that you need to watch out for. A good skin whitening treatment will include planning for the removal of dead skin cells and the exfoliation of your skin.

However, just a simple exfoliation won’t do the trick. If you are going to include this skin cleaning in your treatment plan, you should have it done right. If the equipment isn’t good enough or the procedure is done incorrectly, you aren’t going to get the best possible results. You should look at this treatment as an investment, and if it isn’t being done right you aren’t going to get good returns.

A good exfoliation will clean deep into your skin and help to prevent clogged pores and dimmed skin. It will also help to remove dead skin cells that are bringing down your natural glow. An experienced professional can use the right equipment to accomplish this. Only after a good exfoliation should you move on with the rest of your skin whitening treatment.

As with many other cosmetic procedures, you have several options when it comes to treatment methods for skin whitening. The list of treatment options is ever-changing and growing as technology advances, but it is pretty widely accepted that there are three main categories of treatments:

  • Dermal Injection
  • Laser Treatments
  • External Treatments

Dermal Injection

As you can pretty well guess, dermal injections are just that–injections. This involves injecting the skin with a solution or medicine that will help to make the skin whiter. This isn’t necessarily complex, but it is probably the most involved method of the three categories. Nonetheless, the recovery time isn’t known to be lengthy or arduous.

As with anything, you should know what is being injected into your skin. You should notify your skin care professional of any allergies that you have so that they can determine which is the right solution to use on your skin. In the rare case that an allergy occurs from a dermal injection, be sure to notify medical professionals so that you can prevent infection and solve the problem quickly as to prevent further damage.

Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are one of the hottest trends in cosmetic and specialized operations. It’s no surprise–given the astonishing accuracy, speed, and simplicity with which lasers can complete basic operations. It’s used in many areas, perhaps most notably in vision correction surgery.

In the case of skin whitening, laser treatments can be used to penetrate the skin and whiten it through a series of operations by the skin care professional. Laser treatments are known for having a very short operation duration and recovery time. In many cases, you are back to your regularly scheduled activities within hours of the treatment.

External Treatments

External treatments include anything that doesn’t penetrate or alter the skin surgically. This is quite broad and encompasses a pretty wide range of products. Most of the time, this is going to mean some sort of lotion or peel that is applied to the outside of the skin to help remove dead skin cells and otherwise clean the skin.

External treatments are probably the simplest of them all, even though they all are pretty simple treatments. The only potential drawback of these treatments is that usually, they aren’t as effective because they don’t involve a deep penetration of the skin to address the problem at the root.

Can I Use All 3 Types of Treatments?

Ultimately, this is going to come down to your individual treatment plan. Each person is different and their plan is going to reflect that. Your skin whitening professional is going to advise how aggressive or conservative that you should be with your skin treatment and what methods are going to be used individually or in conjunction.

So to recap, it depends on your situation. Often times, multiple methods will be used to help whiten your skin and achieve the desired result.

Anyone who desires to have whiter or brighter skin can be a candidate for skin whitening, but there are some conditions that make people more likely to choose skin whitening.

The most common reason that people seek out skin whitening treatments is for darkening and dull skin tone. This can be the result of many factors, but most often it has to do with overexposure to the sun, poor cleaning of the skin, or a combination of both.

People may also seek out Korean skin whitening clinics when they experience dark spots or pigmentation. Many people consider these unsightly and want to repair them with skin whitening treatments.

Though there are certain conditions that make someone more likely to want skin whitening, it’s a procedure that can be had by anyone who desires brighter, more youthful skin. If you are interested in Korean skin whitening options, you should take the proper steps and consult a skin treatment professional.

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