Teeth whitening in Korea – which methods are the best?

Teeth whitening in Korea

Teeth whitening treatments to get a pearly white smile is usually the go to method for many. Whether that is smiling for the perfect instagram post or impressing at a job interview, a good smile can give you just the confidence you need. For this reason it is a treatment that is getting more and more popular but there is quite a lot of confusion about how to get that perfect smile.

Why do people want this treatment?

Teeth whitening treatment is a great option for those who have stained teeth. Teeth may be stained due to diet such as drinking a lot of coffee, smoking, some medications can cause yellowing teeth and poor oral hygiene. This can be embarrassing at times and lower people’s self-esteem which is why people seek this treatment. There are also teeth whitening treatments like getting veneers that not only whiten the teeth for a very long time, but can also be used to correct uneven and crooked teeth. At the base of all this is wanting the perfect smile to give you confidence.

What teeth whitening methods are available in Korea?

At home methods

There are various at home methods of teeth whitening in Korea. This can be teeth whitening strips, gels and teeth bleaching kits. There are also small devices available that whiten the teeth using laser or light. These methods are usually cheaper options and can be effective in making the teeth white but they will not correct uneven teeth and the results only last up to a month. After this the treatment will have to be done again. This can be time consuming and the results may not be ideal because the treatment is not applied by a professional.

Clinical teeth whitening

This is a popular treatment to get long term effects of up to 1 year if the teeth are well taken care of. It is a quick procedure that can give immediate results. In Korea, this treatment is done by dentists which makes it extra safe as they will be expert at handling the equipment. At first the teeth are polished and then the original colour of the teeth are matched with a sample for comparison later. After this the gum is protected by a mask before the dental curing light is turned on. Dental light curing is the device that is used to actually treat the stained teeth and comes in many forms with the main ones being LED, blue light and Laser.

Teeth whitening in Korea

Veneers are used to correct any crooked, discoloured or uneven teeth. They form a coating that looks similar to real teeth and the more natural looking veneers depend on the type of materials used. There are two types of veneers that are the popular choice for teeth whitening in Korea.

Composite veneers = Made at the dentist clinic and then directly applied to the teeth so it can all be done in a single appointment. This makes the overall process faster than getting other types of veneers. Made of resin material which can be easily broken and usually lasts around 5 to 7 years. These types of veneers can easily be repaired as well and are an affordable option for those looking to get veneers.

Porcelain veneers = Requires 2 appointments: one where the measurements are taken for the teeth and the second one where it is fitted and secured on to the teeth. Porcelain veneers are said to give a more ‘natural look’ than other types of veneers and if they are well taken care of then they can last up to 10 to 15 years. However they cost more than composite veneers.

Treatment How long will it last?How much does it cost?
Teeth bleaching From 3 months up to
2 years depending on
how well taken care of
they are.
Starts from $150 USD
per session and may
require more than one
Teeth whitening –
Dental curing light
From 3 months up to
2 years depending on
how well taken care of
they are.
$200 to $600 USD
depending on 1 day or
3 day treatment
Composite veneersCan last up to 7 years but
because of the material
there may be need to
come in to get repairs if
there are any chips. Also
depending on how well
the teeth are taken care of.
Starts from $600 USD
per tooth, could be
lower or higher
depending on clinic.
Porcelain veneersCan last up to 15 years,
depending on how well
the teeth are taken care of.
$900 to $1200 USD
per tooth, could be
lower or higher
depending on clinic.

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