3 Top Clinics to have Double Eyelid Surgery in Gangnam

Double eyelid surgery in Korea
Do you want larger, rounder, more vibrant eyes? Millions of people worldwide do. Double eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is a common and relatively non-invasive way to improve the appearance of the eyes. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, double eyelid surgery is the most popular plastic surgery operation in the world. In 2014, more than 1.43 million people had the procedure worldwide. Double eyelid surgery is one way to achieve permanent results. There are 3 principle types of double eyelid surgery.

Full Incision Surgery

This is the most common type of double eyelid surgery. Excessive fat, muscle and skin are removed simultaneously. Then, the surgeon will extend the line of the eyelid beyond the last third portion of the eye, removing and configuring the entire eyelid tissue. This helps to creates a more natural eye look. The procedure takes about 30 minutes under local anesthesia. Recovery varies, but the swelling usually is mostly gone in about 2 weeks. This is a good option for those who have thick or droopy eyelids.

Partial Incision

This is a less invasive method to get double eyelid surgery. When this method was first introduced, people preferred this cosmetic procedure in Korea to the full incision method because of its smaller, less noticeable scars. However, Korean doctors now recommend the full incision method as they are now able to minimize scars. Like full incision, the procedure takes about 30 minutes under local anesthesia. Recovery varies, but the swelling usually is mostly gone in about 2 weeks. This is a good option for people with excessive fat on their eyelids. It is also a good option for someone who wants to have a less invasive procedure.


The non-incision method uses very small sutures instead of eyelid incisions to produce results. The problem is that the results may revert after a certain period of time. The procedure takes about 30 minutes under local anesthesia. People can return to everyday activities after 3-4 days. This is a good option for people with thin eyelids. Patients who want to avoid incisions, scarring or swelling can also consider this technique.

Why Korea?

Doctors in Korea are arguably the most skilled and most experienced doctors in the world for performing double eyelid surgery. It is such a common procedure that having it done as a high school graduation present is not uncommon. Therefore, local doctors have extensive experience. Specifically, the mecca for double eyelid surgery and plastic surgery in general in Korea is Gangnam. Below are three clinics in the Gangnam area where you can get double eyelid surgery performed by some of the best doctors in the country.

Mina Plastic Surgery

Mina Plastic Surgery
Mina Plastic Surgery
Image source
Mina Plastic Surgery Clinic differentiates itself from the competition by only doing two surgeries a day. This is to ensure quality control, and also prevent patients from feeling like they are a part of an assembly line. The clinic is located outside of Gangnam station on subway line 2. As soon as you come out of exit 12, they are in the building located directly to the left. The building is called A-Tower and the clinic is on the twelfth floor. The facilities are brightly lit, impeccably clean, and very modern. Compared to the other two clinics in this article, the size is smaller and more personal. Dr. Cha is the main plastic surgeon at Mina. Having lived in Washington DC, he is also fluent in English. He was even featured by NBC in the US. In order to make sure his quality of surgery remains optimal, he started the practice of doing only two surgeries a day. He was listed in the International Biographical Centre (IBC) in Cambridge, England as the 2017 International Health Care Professional of the Year. This was to recognize his plastic and reconstructive surgery skills.

Banobagi Plastic Surgery

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Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic has a philosophy fundamentally built on ‘detail’. They have been around for many years. A woman who went there 18 years ago for a procedure recently returned to recommend the clinic’s services for her teenage daughter. The clinic has been featured in the media by names such as SBS and USA Today. The clinic is located outside of Yeoksam station on subway line 2. Simply go out of exit 6 and then walk about 100 meters. The clinic boasts an extensive staff roster of 14 plastic surgery specialists and 4 anaesthesiologists. They are all from top universities, with the majority hailing from Seoul National University. The website is offered in Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Korean, and English. The doctors have had academic exchanges with countries like the US, Germany, Thailand, Switzerland, Japan, and France just to name a few. They have even opened a center in Malaysia. Prices are competitive with other large plastic surgery and dermatology clinics in Seoul.

Wonjin Beauty Medical Group

Wonjin Beauty Clinic
Wonjin Beauty Clinic
Image source
Wonjin Beauty Medical Group is a large plastic surgery clinic with the goal to be the top plastic surgery in Asia, not only in terms of size but also in customer satisfaction. Established in 1999, the clinic has more than 18 years of helping patients achieve their cosmetic goals. The clinic is located outside of Gangnam station on the subway line 2. After going out of exit 10 the clinic is about a 50-meter walk in the Pagoda tower. It is one of the largest clinics with a scale of over 5200 square meters. The plastic surgery clinic is on the 12th-18th floor, with dermatology and others located on the lower floors. The facilities are immaculate with extensive facilities to provide a more personal experience. The clinic employees more than 32 plastic surgery and anesthesiology specialists offering various plastic surgery and beauty treatments. Also, they are all from top universities in Seoul and greater Korea. Dr. Park, the representative surgeon, is widely renowned as one of the foremost double eyelid surgeons around. He is often invited to speak internationally and impart his wisdom to other surgeons. Most of the employees speak English, many fluently. There is an English website that markets to and caters to the foreign audience. Because of the reputation and expertise of the clinic, the price may be slightly more expensive than other clinics.

Prices and Results

The typical cost for double eyelid surgery in Korea can range anywhere from USD 500 – 4500. In Seoul, the average cost is about USD 1950. The price of getting double eyelid surgery is a largely contingent on the skill of the doctor who performs it. Having the procedure done by a highly skilled doctor will typically yield more natural results and will therefore be more expensive. Some clinics offer prices that are significantly cheaper than the prices listed above. However, the quality cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, the prices of clinics (including the three above) can vary. The variance can depend of the time of year, discounts, or promotions that the clinic is currently running. Often, there can also be negotiation on the price. If you need any guidance or healthcare related advice in Korea, message us on Kakaotalk and our website, or contact us via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages!

So, where’s the best clinic for me to get double eyelid surgery?

This question may be unnecessary. Because it’s not a clinic but a doctor that does surgery on me.

Before deciding on an DES surgery, you should listen to an analysis of your eyelids and the shape of your eyes (such as how much fat you have on your eyelid, and muscle distribution on your eyelid, and whether you have sagging skin on your eyelid, etc) by a doctor who will perform DES to you. And you should also be told which of the various DES methods is best for you.

Through this process, you can determine whether having DES from this doctor can be the best option for you, and know the exact cost of the operation.

Here is a list of medical experts for DES :

  • Dr. Jeongho Cha, M.D. Plastic Surgery, Chief Surgeon of Mina Plastic Surgery, former adjunct professor at Hallym University Hospital.
  • Dr. Hyungsuk Kim, M.D. Plastic Surgery, Chief Surgeon of 1mm Plastic Surgery Gangnam.
  • Dr. Byungjun Lee, M.D. Plastic Surgery, Surgeon of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
  • Dr. Sangmin Park, M.D. Plastic Surgery, Surgeon of LARED Plastic Surgery.
  • Dr. Jeonghwan Lee, M.D. Plastic Surgery, Surgeon of Yuno Plastic Surgery.

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