2 Top Clinics to Get Rid of Your Double Chin in Gangnam

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These days, many people are looking for some way they can get rid of their double chin. At the same time, most people don’t want to undergo a more invasive procedure like a liposuction. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, fat dissolving injections might be just for you. It is a type of cosmetic procedure called mesotherapy. It is minimally invasive and involves small injections of pharmaceutical solutions into the middle layer of the skin. The solutions then dissolve the fat.

What is involved?

Patients who have this procedure done in Korea, are most of the time in and out of the clinic in under an hour. After determining you are a candidate, numbing cream is applied to the area where the injections will be made, and you wait for 20 minutes. The cream is wiped away and the doctor injects the solution where improvement is desired. There is slight discomfort during the injections, but the pain is minimal. The actual procedure lasts less than a couple of minutes. After, you are free to go about your day. After getting the injections, Some patients experience a little bit of swelling for a couple of days. The swelling is usually minor and subsides after a few days. The injection site areas can also be sore and tender to the touch for several days.

Why Korea?

Fat dissolving injections to get rid of a double chin is a common procedure in Korea. Doctors perform this procedure routinely on both Korean men and women. This abundance of practice has ensured that they are extremely proficient at what they do. You will not find better expertise anywhere. Another reason why Korea is the best place to get these injections is the price. In places like the US or Australia, the procedure usually costs between 1,200 and 1,800 dollars. Most doctors recommend 3 treatments to see optimal results. So, with three treatments, which is the recommended amount, there is an average cost of around 5,400 dollars. In Korea however, the cost of a treatment is around 350 to 500 dollars, averaging at 420 dollars. So, the total cost would be around 1,260 dollars.

Below are two top clinics in Gangnam where you can get rid of your double chin

Renovo Skin Clinic

Renovo Skincare Clinic 1

Renovo Skincare Clinic 2
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The Renovo Skin Clinic is a government approved dermatology and aesthetic clinic. Renovo Skin Clinic also boasts the S-RAY Skin Diagnosis System to identify every individual’s specific needs and plan treatment. The diagnosis usually costs around 20 dollars, but the fee is waived when treatment is done at the clinic. They are located directly outside of Gangnam Station on subway line 2. As soon as you come out of exit 12, they are in the building located directly to the left.

The building is called A-Tower and the clinic is on the eighth floor. More than likely when you arrive someone will be waiting there to specifically welcome you. The clinic is not large and therefore has a quainter feeling to it. The waiting area is very open and right next to the entrance.  Therefore, it could be less desirable for those wanting a more private experience. But all of the facilities and equipment are clean and maintained very well.

Dr. Seung Jun Kim is the head doctor as well as the founder of the Renovo Skin Clinic. He has years of expertise and is often invited to both Korean and global conferences and seminars to share his knowledge with fellow doctors. He is also a key member of many medical associations in Korea to include the Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery. Although he does not speak English, the clinic offers a personal helper to help you through the entire process. From consulting with the doctor to paperwork, these native level English speakers are of great help. The website is also in English. The cost of one treatment for fat dissolving facial injections is around 415 dollars (So, $1,245 for 3 treatments).

Hushu Dermatology Clinic

Hushu Skin 1

Hushu Skin 2
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Hushu Dermatology Clinic offers a huge variety of cosmetic procedures. They are also one of the only clinics to offer Belkyra/Kybella. Belkyra/Kybella is the first FDA approved medication in the US to be used for reducing or getting rid of a double chin. There are 2 locations. The clinic in Gangnam is located outside of Apgujeong Station on subway line 3. Simply go out of exit 3 and the clinic is on the third floor of the same building as Paris Baguette. The waiting room is very nice, with warm lighting, and has a variety of tables, chairs, and couches. The feeling is almost that of a café instead of a medical clinic. The theme of subdued whites, browns, and greens extends from the reception desk through to the treatment rooms.

Hushu Dermatology Clinic is a larger sized clinic that employees 3 doctors at both clinics as well as a number of other staffs. All of the doctors have been trained in top universities in Korea. One was even the valedictorian of his class at Yonsei University School of Medicine. Many of the doctors are proficient in English as well as many nurses and office workers. They also offer services in Mandarin. The website is also very convenient for obtaining information, as it can be accessed in English as well.  Hushu Dermatology Clinic is almost always offering promotions or packages with which a patient can save a lot of money. It would behoove the patient to inquire whether any of the promotions or packages apply before getting treatment. The cost here will be more than other clinics. But when getting Kybella, less treatments are needed.


Prices at the clinics can vary as it depends on the cc amount of solution that is needed. Some clinics offer prices that are significantly cheaper than the prices listed above. The quality however cannot be guaranteed. The quality of the two clinics listed above can be guaranteed. Additionally, the prices of clinics (including the three above) can vary. The variance can depend of the time of year, discount, or promotion that the clinic is currently running. Sometimes there can also be negotiation on the price. The prices above are the prices without any discounts, promotions, or negotiation.

If fat dissolving injections sound like something that you might be interested in, Jivaka Care can help. If you need any assistance or healthcare related advice concerning Korea, message us on Kakaotalk and our website, or contact us via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages!

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