Why V line Surgery is popular in Korea?

v line surgery

V line surgery being a popular procedure is an interesting phenomenon for the western community. This type of surgery is used to alter the bone structure of the face, in particular the jaw area, to get the lower half of the face in a V shape. A face shape that makes a person look slim, young and symmetrical, is exactly why this procedure is so popular. But there are still many questions about the procedure: how is v line surgery performed? Why is Korea the best place to have this procedure done? Are there any risks?

Why the V line shape?

What makes a face attractive can be debated across countries and millenniums. Men and women have spent time, energy and money on getting the perfect look but why is a V shaped face coming out as the most desired face shape? In Korea, wanting a V shaped face is because of two reasons: the slimming effect and the feminine effect. A V shaped face eliminates appearance of double chin and makes the face look smaller which gives the overall appearance of a slim face. This effect is preferred by both men and women. For women, a step further is that the V shaped face is seen as more feminine versus other types of face shapes which may still be attractive. These two ideas really boost the popularity of v line surgery in Korea.

How does this procedure work?

v line surgery

The V line surgery targets the bone that is giving the bottom half of the face an asymmetrical shape. If a person has a different face shape to the desired V shape face due to enlarged facial muscles then procedures like botox can be used to relax the muscle and the V line will become noticeable. If the problem is because of excess fat around the jaw that is hiding the natural V line underneath, then fat dissolving injection or mini lipolysis procedures will give better results.

During the V line surgery procedure the bone underneath is ‘shaved’ and reshaped to give the V line shape. This shape is done to be more curved rather than straight lines to give the jaws a natural appearance. Depending on the size of the bone, some part of the bone may have to be chipped away and then shaved to be smoothed out. To get the correct shape for a person specifically, doctors in Korea use many types of imaging software to make sure they get it right. These softwares, such as 360 CT scans, allow them to picture the way the existing bone is and how the changed structure will look on the person.

v line surgery

It is absolutely essential this procedure is done by experts because the bones in our body contain nerves which must be handled carefully. Also, after the reshaping part of the surgery, it is important to make sure the other layers of our face like muscle is not disturbed. Furthermore, doctors in Korea will make sure incisions for the surgery are done in areas where there will be very little noticeable scarring, if any at all. This will make the final results look more natural.

Why get the procedure in Korea?

V line surgery is a procedure born and popularised in Korea that has now spread to other countries, mainly other Asian countries. This makes the procedure more safe to get done in Korea because it is done by experts who have performed many surgeries and have perfected the technique. The surgery is also performed in Korea more than in other countries, whether that is for tourists coming in or those already living in Korea seeking the treatment. This makes the treatment a lot cheaper in Korea but safe and effective at getting the desired effect. The surgery costs can start from around $5000 USD depending on the individual’s case.

Quick Facts about V line Surgery

  1. How painful is the procedure? The procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia, like all major surgeries. After the procedure there may be some pain for a few days and swelling that can last up to a month. However the pain is reported to be very minimal by those who have gotten the surgery and the team of doctors working with you will also help with pain management.
  2. What is the downtime? It is recommended to stay in Korea for at least 2 weeks after the procedure because a face wrap is wrap is worn for that long. After the 2 weeks and a final check up by the doctor, you are free to leave but swelling can take around a month to completely reduce. During this time it will also be difficult to consume hard food and you may need to be advised on the diet you can have.
  3. When can I see the results? The final results can usually be seen from 2 months but can take up to 6 months to fully show in some cases were there was a lot of area to correct or the surgery was more complicated. If the surgery is paired with another face contouring surgery then that can also affect how long final results take to become visible.
  4. Can I get this procedure done with other surgeries? The best answer for this is case by case and will be best advised by the consultant working with you. However it is very common to get other facials surgeries like cheekbone reduction along with V line surgery. Getting surgery on other areas of the body is also common.

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