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M.D. in Plastic Surgery
American Society of Laser Medicine Surgery (Fellow)
International Confederation for plastic Surgery (Active Member)
Japan Society of Aesthetic Surgery (Active Member)
European Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (Active Member)

Q&A by Doctor

These are Jivaka Care translated copies of content on Korean web Q&A. The original text can be found at the link in the text.

Q. I would like to get under eye fat repositioning or under eye fillers. What results can I expect?

What can I do? Can I cover this with make-up? Can I only get under eye fat repositioning surgery once? (At what age should I get it?) Can I get the surgery after under eye fillers? What are the differences between the two procedures, please tell me the pros and cons!


Answer from Dr. Jeonghwan Lee

Hello, this is Dr. Jeonghwan Lee.

I would first like to begin by explaining the difference between under eye fat and “aegyo sal” before explaining the fat repositioning procedure. Many people are unaware that eye bags and “aegyo sal” are different. This is why when they get “aegyo” fillers for the wrong reason, they don’t see desired results. “Aegyo sal” refers to the small lump created right under the eye when you smile. Eye bags, on the other hand, is caused by too much or lack of fat under the eye resulting in a bulge or dent. You should visit a clinic to check which is the problem for you.

Under-eye fat repositioning helps lessen the dark areas around the area to help your impression look brighter. The procedure does not need incision of the skin, but through the conjunctiva. It can supplement to the tear trough to help rid of dark circles, as well as flatten the under eye area altogether to give a less tired and younger look.

For under eye fat repositioning, lines created by under eye fat is not related to age, rather the surgery method is decided depending on the amount, distribution of fat and the line created by it. And since the surgery can be done transconjunctivally, you will not have visible scars.

It’s very important that the surgery does not remove fat but keep the total mass while just repositioning it. Also, bleeding and swelling should be minimized. I hope you ask further details by visiting a clinic and having a consultation with a doctor.




Q. I had botox between my eyes a month ago but is scheduled to get double eyelid surgery. Will the botox affect my surgery outcome?

After the botox between my eyes, my eyelids are drooping a little.

Answer from Dr. Jeonghwan Lee

Hello, this is Dr. Jeonghwan Lee.

If it has been a month after Botox, the Botox should be in effect. If your eyelids are drooping as a result of it, I can suspect that you normally used your forehead muscles to open your eyes.

If you get double eyelid surgery in this state, you can expect your look to change after the Botox effects have worn off because your forehead muscles will again begin to be used to open your eyes. If you like the results with Botox still in effect, a solution may be to get Botox regularly.

However, if you also get ptosis correction with double eyelid surgery you may be able to solve the issue. Ptosis correction helps improve your ability to open your eyes without using your forehead muscles. So if the procedure is done well, you will be able to open your eyes fully without regardless of the Botox effects, and after the effects have worn off you can expect minimal change to the results..

Q: I want to ask about revision double eyelid surgery on one eye.

It has been 8 months since my surgery, but the eyelid skin is covering the area on one of my eyes. My doctor suggested cutting a part of the skin and made it seem like a very simple procedure, but I am worried. I’m afraid the results will be bad, and I don’t want to go around with swelling in one eye for a while. Will i be able to have normal eyes in 2 months? Also I want to know how serious the swelling is after cutting only the skin.

Answer from Dr. Jeonghwan Lee

Hello, this is Dr. Jeonghwan Lee.

If it has been 8 months since surgery, you are able to do a revision. If there is asymmetry, you do need revision surgery.

First, if the problem is only a little bit of skin covering the area, then this can indeed be fixed by only cutting part of the skin. You will have one eye very slightly swollen, but there shouldn’t be too much of a problem with daily life.

However, if you have asymmetric eyelid lines or the height of the eyelids are different, then you will need revision on both eyes to make them symmetric. In this case, you will have more swelling which you can epect to last for 1~2 months but again, you will have not problem with your daily life.

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